"Who's STUPID IDEA was this, anyways?"

Last Update: May 28, 2021

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On September 21, 2020...

I decide to MOVE FORWARD on an idea I'd been holding in mind for MONTHS to create a new $100,000 (or more!) leveraged annual income stream in the next 18 months (or less) working PART TIME from home... and I spent the day building out the first PAGE for this new funnel.

In October 2020...

I personally log in over 120 hours of labor (WHAT HAPPENED TO PART-TIME?!) building out this new project and rack up $2,000 in one-time costs, plus we 'contractually commit' to a SIGNIFICANT monthly bill.

And the BRAIN is going nuts!! -->

(Who's CRAZY idea was this anyway?! Seems like an awful lot of work and, frankly, it might not even work! Real estate and cryptos are hot, like SUPER HOT right now and, whew, not so much work. Besides, who is going to maintain all of this once set up and what if it just explodes? Are you seriously going to staff up again?)

December 2020... HUGE change of plans and I log 80 hours of labor to reflect those changes and incur another $1,500 in costs and the SIGNIFICANT monthly bill comes due.

TOTAL income?

SUB-ZERO with no clear light on the horizon.

And the BRAIN is going super nuts!! -->

(LOTS and LOTS of moving parts, dude. One part breaks it all falls down. Are you really sure this is such a great idea? What about advertising? How in the hell are you going to scale when you can't advertise? Should you pick up a NEW PARTNER that can?! And what about world affairs? Why make more if they are just going to take more?! Why not just retire?! Seriously.)

January 2021...

Log another 60 hours labor, another $500 in costs and we get hit with the SIGNIFICANT monthly bill again.

BUT the BRAIN does start getting quiet and even a bit helpful BECAUSE the decision to move forward has been made, after all, and it seems pretty obvious there will be no stopping the train now so it might as well get on board and start offering solutions versus potential problems.)

February 2021... After another 20 hours of labor and lots of 'stress testing' the new system.

It feels like the calm before a storm.

And... BAM!

It drizzles.

We make $250... (Not even close enough to cover the monthly commitment!)

Uh, oh.

But the DECISION has been made and the train HAS LEFT the station.

We're in motion!

So we keep on keeping on.

  • March 2021... 40 hours. $4,783 earned! (break even? Close, no cigar! Pedal faster!!)
  • April 2021 - 30 hours. $7,398 earned! (YEAH! Profits!!)
  • May 2021 - 30 hours. $10,229 earned! (gotta love it!)

And THE PLAN going forward?

  • June 2021 - BEAT MAY
  • July 2021 - BEAT JUNE
  • August 2021 - BEAT JULY, etc


DO SHARE a quick summary of your current journey.

Has it all been smooth sailing with 100% mental and emotional alignment?

Are you making progress?


Still 2nd guessing yourself and your resolve... or have you moved past that point?

Do share. Inquiring minds want to know...

Recent Comments


This is awesome! I with you on the part about no income yet... LOL!

I don't think I have spent as much as you have, but still, the investment is there... not just monetarily, but TIME!

I do look forward to the day that it starts to trickle... because once that happens... it will eventually become larger, bit by bit.

... and when that happens... I will be glad to post a blog here about the story of my journey.

I wish you well with all your success!!

Bob Margroff

It reminds me of priming one of those old fashioned water pumps... LOTS of work early on for very little, if any results... but if we just keep on keeping on... eventually the pump produces results and the streams start flowing.

Just putting in the early work can be difficult at times... but, yes, it is necessary.

Well, my dear, looks like you are
telling my own story here... lol

You are one in a million.

I do know it takes a lot of resources
to build this... time, money, energy...

But you know, just keep on keeping on.

The time will come that it will all pay off.

The sweetest of it all, you become stronger,
more aware, resilient and eventually more
powerful than you'll ever know about your
own self.

Thank you and I mean, thank you so much
and your time has come and you are now
ready to move forward from your success
to greater success quickly and in peace.

God bless you, Rob!


good goal, I am with you

Rob, glad your investment is starting to pay off. Gosh, that is a lot of money but you always have been a heavy hitter so it makes sense to invest in an high ticket idea, I am sure glad you didn't give up when the bills came due. In fact, that heavy hitter business idea you had is now earning you a profit. Wow. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

That is excellent. You certainly know what you are at there and it has paid off for you

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