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Ali Hafed was not rich. But he was a wealthy man.He was wealthy because he was content and, being content, he was numbered amoung the wealthy.Until he wasn't, of course.Because it turns out a rich young traveler stops by and tells a few stories of diamonds being mined by the acre. Acres and acres of diamonds."Where? For God's sake, tell me where?" Ali demanded and, that night, he suffered. That night Ali was not content.So the next day Ali sells all his possessions and spends the rest of his li
You are considering investing in product X.The benefits, if they can be believed... are almost unbelievable. EXACTLY the solution you were hoping to find. Yet. Still. You are 100% convinced.Now what? Do you ACTIVELY research for "Product Review" or "Product Complaints" or "Product Scam"?For better or worse... LOTS of people do.Notice the HUGE difference in video views when a NEGATIVE HEADLINE is offered.NONE of these products or opportunities are SCAMS yet that "frame" seems be be what attracts