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The other day while working on a project with a well-known online marketer, I started to OBSERVE him while he really wasn't aware I was quietly observing him.At one point he started to chuckle to himself."What's so funny?"What?! Oh, I was cracking up at my own jokes because I'm so hilarious.""You're funny. What was the joke?""I caught myself thinking 'what if I can't do this?' - and the word CAN'T JUST CRACKS ME UP. Can't. How silly is that, right?"Which cracked ME up and we both spent 10 minut
This is a picture of Jeff Bezos in 1999.Now... Do you STILL feel like quitting?!Just asking! :o)
Just a quick heads up...Paypal just shut down a one of our business accounts we have had open since 2008.No explanation. No recourse. You can't receive or send monies... and they hold the balance for 6 months before releasing them to you.This is the THIRD time we've had PayPal close accounts over the past 15 years or so.Unfortunately, a LOT of affiliate programs (like Wealthy Affiliate) only payout affiliate commissions earned through paypal... so if you are into affiliate marketing like we are
When it comes to the "BANK OF YOU" - have you made any signficant deposits recently?PhysicallyFinanciallyEmotionallySpirituallyI recently spent a few hours in quiet reflection & inquiry... and came away with a new sense of 'motivational clarity'.And what I mean by that is...The MAJORITY of what has been motivating me to GO BIG or GO HOME over the past three decades has been NEEDS driven.Cost of livingKids/Cars/CollegeHealth ChallengesPsychological Need to 'Be Special' (whatever THAT means!)
Want Me to Promote YOU on My Blog?Every year around this time of year, my wife Lisa and I sit down and map out a plan of action to take our business, income and lifestyle the next level.Historically, we have aimed to ADD another $100,000 or more to our existing income in the next 12-18 months. This year, however, we really don't have an income target, we are starting off with more of a CONTENT PUBLISHING PLAN to promote Wealthy Affiliate almost exclusively on one of our new blogs.The challenge
Houstin, We Have a ProblemThe doctor walked in, cleared his throat and said,"I'm sorry. It's terminal. You might want to get your affairs in order."Wow.Talk about an INSTANT brain change.One minute I'm fighting traffic to be on time and the next minute I'm fighting for my life.I was stunned. Cold cocked out of the blue by something really big and really heavy. Yet my mind was strangely quiet on the drive home.And it wasn't until later that I realized...If I were to actually die - I would leave
Remember the American 1998 romatic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan:"You've Got Mail!"That's about the time I got started online...When I received a CD in the mail from a company called AOL offering 100 free hours to something called the internet and I took them up on it.Lesson #1 - AOL used direct mail to reach potential customers who were NOT yet online. Seems obvious, right? So where are YOUR best prospects hanging out? How can you best reach them? What is so obvious it is staring you
Since 1996, my wife Lisa and I have been profitably serving two primary niches...New/Active/Frustrated Network Marketers, andPeople Looking to Make Money from Home OnlineBack in March 2018, we started looking to EXPAND our reach into these markets by finding any new COMMUNITIES, groups, blogs, influencers, etc., we could align ourselves with and in that research process we stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate.So I signed up as a free member in March, made a note to check it out more thoroughly and..
Ever hear of a guy named Mel Martin from the copywriting world?Most marketers haven't.But he is the guy that put Boardroom Reports on the map way back in the late 1970's using a copywriting style he 'invented' called FASCINATIONS.My idea behind this new blog is to... instead of writing and optimizing each post for the search engines... I am simply going to find GREAT WA MEMBER POSTS, grab the affiliate link and come up with a get image... FASCINATION HEADLINE... brief currated into and link dir
Have you ever PLANNED a road trip... only to encounter SOME CHALLENGE along the way that PREVENTED YOU from arriving at your destination on time and within budget?Of course.That's the way life works sometimes.Challenges present themselves. Despite our best intentions and well-mapped plans.If things can go wrong, they often do. And that's okay because we KNOW up-front there will be potholes, deadends and even distaster points along our personal journey to success.Meeting these UNFORESEEN challen