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Becky broke my heart.I was only ten years old, and we had been boy-friend/girl-friend for all of two weeks.Then we kissed and it was all downhill from there. We were too young, too easily embarrassed and it was over.Worse than the heartbreak, however, was this event instilled a deep fear of rejection for me which literally haunted for many, many years because a fear of rejection can keep us small.A fear of rejection can keep us from enjoying life to the fullest and it can keep us from taking th
It's May 31, 2019... end of yet another month in our quest to 'make more' working from the comfort of home online.So what did YOU get accomplished?What did you DO to take your business, income and lifestyle to the next level?And, based on the results of those efforts...What's your PLAN for this next month?Do you have one?If not, why not?Here's a quick snapshot of what I did to move our business forward in the past 30 days...Completed a planned 30 day video marketing campaign which consisted of
7 years ago I released a product called "Posting on Purpose for Profit" - How to CASH IN on Every Piece of Content You Ever Produce Online" that promised to teach how to actually do what the title suggested - actually make money blogging and video marketing.Can you imagine?Actually GETTING PAID to do whatever the heck it is you are doing online right now?BloggingVideo MarketingHanging Out on Social Media all DayUnfortunately...MOST people seem to really struggle to produce a profitable result o
My wife and I make a quiet fortune blogging, and we have been making a quiet fortune blogging part-time in our spare time from the comfort of our home (or the hotel room, airport, beach bungalo, cruiseship or anywhere there is an internet connection!) since 1996.Our proven model is simple:Pick a Product/Service/Membership to SellConduct Keyword Research to find out what PEOPLE MOST LIKELY TO BUY THAT PRODUCT are actually searching for when searching and shopping onlinePubllish a blog post and m
WHAT hurt, habit or hang up can you DIE to today to LIVE more into who it is you are becoming? Negative self-talk? The habit of indulgence? Mental thumb-sucking for being conned, cheated or manipulated in the past?What can you BURY, once and for all today...NEVER to be dug up again?Because YOU deserve more than that now?What will it be?
Are you BRAND NEW without clue and feeling stuck because you don't know what to do?Or perhaps...You have spents weeks (maybe even months!) working your fingers to the bone and have little (if anything!) to show for it except for bony fingers.Or perhaps...You are a seasoned pro and you are profitable, but you just can't seem to crack that next level. It's a puzzler and doing MORE just isn't working, right?Stuck is Stuck and Being Stuck SucksMaybe you have been blogging for months and months and
Last year I invested over $25,000 in NEW tools, training, software and resoures to take my business, income and lifestyle to the next level. Unfortunately......not everything we invested in contributed to the bottom line.SOME even cost us money to test out.Which is no big deal, really.Because not everything works out as planned.But is is a TRAVESTY to...STILL BE PAYING for things you are not using, intend to use or have used without it producing a measured, profitable result.Here are a few LEAK
My oldest son has a severe case of GOLD FEVER.It's not terminal but there is no known cure.Unfortunately, his prospecting prowess has yet to reach a profitable apex and finding QUANTITY has been elusive.Yet, still...LAST MONTH he pulled in a few THOUSAND dollars!How?By turning his passion into profit.More specifically...He files a gold claim in a promising area that costs $300 to $600He 'works the dirt' in an attempt to alleviate fever symptomsWhen the fever cools he takes pictures, core sample
The other day while working on a project with a well-known online marketer, I started to OBSERVE him while he really wasn't aware I was quietly observing him.At one point he started to chuckle to himself."What's so funny?"What?! Oh, I was cracking up at my own jokes because I'm so hilarious.""You're funny. What was the joke?""I caught myself thinking 'what if I can't do this?' - and the word CAN'T JUST CRACKS ME UP. Can't. How silly is that, right?"Which cracked ME up and we both spent 10 minut
This is a picture of Jeff Bezos in 1999.Now... Do you STILL feel like quitting?!Just asking! :o)