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5 Times You're Selling Yourself Short Without Even Realizing ItThis is an article By Kat Boogaard that I took from MUSE this morning, Many of you may have already seen it, in that case I apologize. Recently, I received a LinkedIn message from someone who had read some of my work here on The Muse. “I really enjoyed your article about quitting your job with no back-up plan,” she said, “It was encouraging, insightful, and just what I needed to read right now. Thank you for sharin
This is my first blog, here at WA, so please bear with me if it isn't perfect. First of all I know absolutely nothing on how to use twitter as a business tool and found some help on WA, but was still struggling along. But today I found this website that has been very helpful to me in getting a much better grip on where I am headed with Social Media. And here is a sampling from their webpage of other articles I found helpful:27 LinkedIn Tips: LinkedIn Best Practices For Entrepreneurs31 Twitter T