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Last Update: October 19, 2015

Hello my fellow members. I found this very interesting page from Wordstream full of links to articles and blogs that will be a tremendous help to anyone who is interested in PPC as a way to make good, if not great money from your website promotions.

For those of you to whom PPC is still a mystery it will certainly open your eyes to a great way to increase your bank balance.

PPC, better known in internet marketing circles as pay-per-click marketing or paid search marketing, is a complicated topic, and there's so much conflicting information out there, it can be overwhelming for beginners – and even for people who have been doing search marketing for years! All these pages teach you the basics of paid search as well as more advanced PPC strategies.

Begin with PPC 101 and then move onto PPC 102 and Advanced PPC.

The PPC Basics: Think AdWords for Dummies! (Don't worry, you're not dumb – everyone has to start somewhere.) In this course, you'll learn the answer to basic questions like "What is PPC?" and "What are keywords?" You'll also learn how to set up an AdWords account, including all the key elements of an AdWords account from keywords to ad groups to campaign structure, as well as the primary metrics you'll need to track, such as cost per click and Quality Score.

AdWords Optimization Best Practices: Once you know the basic concepts, you can move on to learning PPC advertising tips that help you make the most of your budget. PPC 102 includes lessons on keyword research, landing page optimization, bid management, ad text optimization, and other PPC optimization techniques you need to know.

Advanced AdWords Strategies: In the final course of PPC University, you'll learn more advanced search engine marketing strategies such as retargeting, geotargeting, and mobile PPC. By the time you're done, you might not be an AdWords expert, but you'll be close!

Each lesson is packed with PPC tips as well as recommendations for PPC tools that will help you along the way.

Why PPC U Beats the AdWords Help Center

Many marketers turn to the AdWords Help Center when, well, they need AdWords help. But the AdWords Help Center contains an enormous amount of information and can be difficult to navigate. If you're just getting started with PPC or need a little help with AdWords, PPC U is for you: a contained resource with a clear beginning and end. It's like going to school for a PPC education — you'll have guidance the whole way through from industry experts like Larry Kim as well as our 100% AdWords certified customer support team. The time to start your PPC education is now! Begin with the first lesson in PPC 101, "What is PPC? and keep going!

PPC 101: Getting Started with PPC

What is PPC?


Ad Group

Text Ad

Click-Through Rate

Quality Score

Cost per Click (CPC)

Cost per Action (CPA)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

How to Set Up an AdWords Account

PPC 102: PPC Campaign Management & Best Practices

PPC Keyword Research

Negative Keywords

Keyword Match Types

Long-Tail Keywords

Ad Text Optimization

Ad Extensions

Bid Management & Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

A/B Testing

Conversion Tracking

Managing Your PPC Budget

AdWords Analysis: Benchmarking & Troubleshooting

Advanced PPC: Going Beyond the Basics


Dynamic Keyword Insertion

AdWords Mobile PPC

Call Tracking

Geotargeting & Local PPC

Ad Scheduling (Dayparting)

PPC for Lead Generation

PPC for B2B Companies

Tools & Resources

PPC 101: Download all the material in PPC 101 as a free PDF.

Search Marketing Webinars: There's regular webinars on a range of topics to help you get more from search marketing.

Grade Your AdWords Account: Get 40 hours' worth of PPC analysis in 60 seconds or less. It's fast, secure, and free!

AdWords E-Books: Explore the library of free guides, e-books and white papers to learn more about PPC and other web marketing topics.

There you go people a fantastic resource for you and every question answered fully with examples.

With this blog you don’t need to thank me as its all from Wordstream but you can leave a comment if you want to.

Have a nice day.

Robert Allan

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tclough Premium
Thank you Robert. This is something I can use. Heading there now.
daviduk Premium
Great post Robert.
Robert-A Premium
Thank you for your comment David and have a great day.
LoveIM Premium
Thank you, Robert. I will be going through this information to try to learn how to do this properly and profitably.
Robert-A Premium
Hello Ben. Slow and easy is always best when it comes to learning something new and especially when its your own money.
Take your time and work through it and I'm sure you will come out the other end at the very least know what you're doing if you ever decide to take the plunge.
bnaylor Premium
Hey Robert... PPC is an area I've looked at over the years and have just stayed away from... I recognize that there are some great opportunities here, but you're right... it's just not straightforward.... This is absolutely a resource I'm going to take some time with and see how I can integrate it into my business model... Thanks for all of your hard work on this... Bryan
Robert-A Premium
Hello Bryan. As I said to another member Wordstream have really done all the work and I only put it all together as a blog for the benefit of my fellow WA members.
PPC can be a minefield though so watch how you go.
Have a nice day.
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Robert... That minefield is one of the major reasons I've steered clear of it thus far... There are so many other avenues to earn income available that the learning curve at the time just didn't make any sense... Over the last little while though, the thought has been niggling away at me to give it a shot... so with this... who knows ... LOL... Thanks ... Bryan
Robert-A Premium
As they say - you will never know unless you try.
Start of small and build up your campaigns as you progress would be the best plan.
speakwealth Premium
Hey Robert,

You have put together quite a resource here, thank you.
I always open your blogs because I know I am going to learn something from them.

Taking the time to put this much information into a post is greatly appreciated by those of us who may not be as organized or are not as far along in wrestling the system.
Robert-A Premium
Hello Jim and thank you for your comment.
I've actually been working on this list off and on for a wee while now and thankfully Wordstream have put it together in a format that is easy to follow and as its their baby I can only take the credit for putting it in a blog for my fellow WA members.
But its nice to be appreciated so once again thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
Have a nice day.