First Pay Cheque!

Last Update: January 12, 2019

Hey Everyone! I recently received my first pay cheque from Amazon Associates. It's $105.00 which is just a start but definitely gives me more motivation!

If you see my profile, I have been here since May 2017 which is quite a while for just this amount. However, I definitely did not work at this full time or even part time for that matter. I was going to University full-time and working full-time since then so I was crazy busy as well as having a social life etc..

I recently graduated this past May which put a weight off my shoulders so now I am just working full-time for now which gives me some more time to work at WA.

My site probably has a total of 4 months work put into it if you say the norm is 3-4 posts per week. I neglected it heavy for months at a time. However, I just started a brand new site this winter that I think can have much more potential so I'm going to work on that instead of my old site which has a bunch of flaws and other complications in my opinion. It gets minor sales usually weekly but there's oppurtunity elsewhere.

Anyways, just like to share this to give out some motivation. This is all definitely possible and anyone can make big bucks with internet marketing. You really just have to put in TONS of work. It is a time sacrifice (many months and years) but you'll be surprised how successful you can become with this.

A couple tips:

  • Follow the Training (watch Jay's video tutorials - big help!)
  • Do not rush posts! Make sure EVERYTHING is solid before you hit the publish button.
  • Solid Keyword Research (type every keyword you're targeting into Google and check out the competition) - just because it looks good in Jaaxy, doesn't mean you will have an easy time ranking for it
  • Start with low QSR keywords and then target larger QSR as you build authority
  • Good SEO
  • Do not keyword stuff!
  • Try to be consistent with writing! They say at least twice a week (more content = more targeted keywords = more chances to rank = more traffic = more revenue)
  • Do not sell your product - sell your trust! Be real and people will buy from you!
  • Develop a foundation in the beginning stages of your site - make people like you and give them a reason to buy from you whether it's trust or experience etc - obviously depending on the niche, but don't just write a ton of product reviews with no foundation
  • ASK Questions! Don't be shy! I have flooded some people's inboxes LOL

I am very guilty of neglecting a bunch of these tips with my site. It was all over the place and I was constantly going back to try to fix things. I knew what to do but didn't execute it properly which is why I am moving on.

I am happy I got that learning experience though. My first site made me realize what NOT to do and what doesn't work. It has given me this foundation with much more knowledge and experience and now I am creating my second site properly from Day 1.

Success with internet marketing is not a linear path. There will definitely be ups and downs and as we go we find what what works and what doesn't. It is a roller coaster to success but we can all get there.

Anyways, keep pushing, be smart, and we can all get there!!



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JeannineC Premium
Congrats on earning that. Looks like you were in a good place for the Nov-Dec shopping period. It will be quieter this month, but hopefully stay strong for you. Celebrate!
JSakanee Premium
Ay!!! Nice one.

Are you going to save it? Maybe frame it and hang it up in your office/workspace. :D
RobbieS2 Premium
thanks LOL that would definitely give me some motivation every morning!!
JonLake Premium
Nice one Robbie. I know what you mean about it taking a while to get through the threshold. We are on $99.52 and have been for about 3 months!! So thankful that Amazon have changed their payment options this week and you can now get paid into the bank direct for anything over $10.

Well done on the paycheck - plenty more where that came from.

All the best

Jon and Debbie
RobbieS2 Premium
Thanks guys! Congrats to you guys too! That's great progress so far and so much time ahead of us to make much much more!
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Robbie!

Well done!

Keep up the good work!
RobbieS2 Premium
Thank you :)
RD40 Premium
Congrats Robbie! Let that be the beginning to even more money in the future. Don't even worry about the amount relative to how long you've been here. The fact is that you are making money, and making more is definitely possible. I wish you all the success with your business.

RobbieS2 Premium
Thanks a lot and to you as well!