Questions by Rob3 11

Why are the offer comments not working as they should?
I'm trying to give comments in the Offer Comment page at…
4 years ago 10 Replies
What are good about me profile wp plugins for the sidebar?
I'm trying to find a good 'About Me' WP plugin/widget to add a small profile…
5 years ago 29 Replies
Why cant i access my files by ftp?
Cannot access site by FTPI am trying to upload a pdf file to my downloads…
5 years ago 32 Replies
Is the Wordfence plugin to be trusted?
Having used Wordfence on a few of my Wordpress sites, I'm concerned about…
6 years ago 5 Replies
What should i charge for third party advertising on my site?
I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Can anyone help?I've just been contacted by…
6 years ago 31 Replies
Notification icon not working what is wrong?
Why is my notification icon not working? Is this an all round WA issue?The…
6 years ago 15 Replies
How do email subscribers receive posts automatically?
I've just set up a Mailchimp email subscriber optin form on my site.I…
6 years ago 17 Replies
What is the best value animated video software maker?
I'm interested in animated video production, and wondered which of the…
6 years ago 17 Replies
How do you open a new page when someone subscribes?
I want to offer my subscribers a downloadable .pdf file, which I already…
6 years ago 14 Replies
Do wa members use the nofollow link when promoting wa?
When promoting WA via an affiliate image in the sidebar, is it wise to…
6 years ago 63 Replies
free autoresponders
Are free autoresponders worth it or should we shell out for the paid ones…
6 years ago 4 Replies