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Last Update: October 30, 2020

I`ve been here.............almost 5 years, in that time, I`ve seen people come and go, people get successful, people spend time trying to answer any and every post they can find, I respect that.

Some posts are replied with a 5 word or less "well done, happy for you" and stuff like that.It`s all ok, WA dashboard is here for us to practice our writing skills because like me, there are many people here who need practice and I`m greatful to be able to write a post here,have people read it, maybe answer my questions if I have any, and not feel being judged for my lousy writing but....

Let`s help each other honestly

I`ve been there,maybe you have too,getting started and not knowing or understanding exactly how everything works, not understanding where/how I have to write my blog or worst, really not getting it, mistaking a post that`s supposed to go on my site and publishing it here on WA dashboard.

It`s through mistakes that we learn so it`s ok to make mistakes.But, it`s sad to see someone making the same mistake and not trying to correct them,don`t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with pointing someone to the right direction, tactically, politely or indirectly.

Posting in the wrong place

Today I saw a post from a member here( the member has been here for about 6 months).Clearly the post belongs to this members website, and it`s not a single post, there are XX of them, I checked past posts .These are promotional posts to,and......(let`s see)those reviews you wrote when you just got started.

The worst part (in my opinion) is that these are very low quality spun articles that some parts do not even make human sense.And believe me if I say it`s bad then it is.It`s sad to see the person gotten many of those 4,5,6 word answer of encouragement from people who clearly did not even read the posts.

And if they did read the post they should have pointed the person to the right direction somehow.A simple" this kind of post belongs in your blog" might do the trick.

I`m not trying to be the "do the right thing person" but I find it sad that you`ll encourage someone(or not do so) yet you can see well they are not getting it in a way.

Please we are here to learn,so it`s ok to make mistakes, but, let`s be honest in helping and if you feel you can`t help, it`s also ok, then just let it be.

Yes I did answe the members post and pointed out exactly what I thought.

1-The posts belong on their blog

2-They should try to write articles than using poor quality spun articles.

It`s fine with me if they think of me as "what a ***** but it`s not ok with me if I just sit back,pretend that everything is ok how they are doing it.

They might not appreciate it now, but maybe it`ll give them a chance to just think .

WA family, we`re here, to learn,help and be helped.

I`m Not Making Sense

I`ve gone on and on I`m not even sure I`m making sense to you.But please it`s simple, if you see something you can help do so.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree with you on the face of it, Roamy, but we must be careful with how we word this because many people of easily offended and we might end up doing more harm than good in the long run! There must be a balance found, and that is sometimes very hard to do!

roamy Premium
I totally agree with you, we don`t always take advice so well.But how about something like............." you did well there in what you said/wrote, but I was wondering if you`d like to check this link(enter a tutorial or whatever)to see what you could change, or just explain it.
There are different ways of saying things politely, tactfully, diplomatically, that will let someone see it, but there are VERY WRONG ways of encouraging someone when they may not even realize in the first place that what they are doing is wrong.

Going back to the same member whose post made me write this in the first place.

The person has more than 10 low quality, very badly spun articles that clearly belong on their own website(if at all), but for whatever reason, they are publishing them here at WA, and he gets a word of encouragement and the "keep it up".
Looking at the posts, they got confused about where they should be publishing.
Now I`m not making an issue with this single person/member, I'm just disappointed in general that we`re supposed to be a helpful community yet we look another way when it`s clear to see someone is lost.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well said, and i understand!

infinitely Premium
Makes perfect sense to me Roamy. I will definitely be honest and help the WA family member in any way.....a little advice.

All the best.
roamy Premium
Thanks, I think it`s also ok not to help if we can`t, there is nothing wrong with that, but it`s not ok to encourage something if we know it`s leading the wrong way.
Linda103 Premium
I try to point people in the right direction too Roamy.
I have pointed out that links to their website should not be on the post. A few days later its still there. You look at their other posts and find the same thing. There was not even a response to the messages.
Some just do what they want anyway, unfortunately.
roamy Premium
But, at least you let them know. They might be busy for now and will come to it later time allowing.
What I find "unacceptable" is to see something but then act as if I didn't see it( blogging wise)
I have been corrected 100X, it does not mean I always take action at what`s suggested, but it gives me a chance to look at it in a different way.
Glad to know you point at something if you see it.
Dave07 Premium
Very well said Roamy.
I have become much more selective in what I read here over the past few months and actually unfollowed a number of members who were writing posts like you described.
I just can’t take seriously people who think spun articles are a valid way to create content.
I’m all for helping those who need help but those who think shortcuts and laziness are the way are maybe beyond help...
roamy Premium
I agree with you, there are some people who just occupy your/our space. I can well do without such company and the best thing, they will not miss me either because they are busy trying to appear busy.
Chefwife Premium Plus
Thanks for this! I have found myself asking questions about some articles. Being new I am not sure how to respond. I usually don't say anything even if I question something. From the beginning, I never respond without reading. That is only respect for the person writing it. You are right about doing the right thing. I would want to know if I am doing something wrong so I get off on the right foot.

roamy Premium
and that`s why we are here, to help and be helped,to be guided if something should be done another way.
And I find it sad that someone will spend months doing something that is not going to work and people being polite and leaving a "well done" reply. It`s only well done because they did not take minutes to go through the post and see what someone wrote.