Removing Amazon Affiliate Links, This is my why.

Last Update: May 24, 2020

I could not put in the whole image sorry for that.As you guys know, I`m working on removing Amazon affiliate links from my site, but with so many posts and so many links, the process is not as quick, as I had imagined, there are some posts I have to tweak here and there, there are products I struggle to find in other affiliate networks.

But the image above speaks for itself. And remember Amazon is a 24-hour cookie so there is no chance a click that did not make a purchase might do so next week and I earn commissions.

Maybe some niches were not affected as much, but most of the products I sell are in the lowest commission rate.

Honest, I feel angry,what a waste of my time.

But as said in an earlier post, im working on changing links, because there is just no way I`m accepting 1% commission.

How are you supposed to make money if a $120 product only earns $1.20?

Because that`s exactly what you get.Amazon is fine on their own, I`m fine too without them, it might take me some work to change all my links but I`m working on it.

Hope you`re having quiet Snday or whatever you`re doing.

Talk soon guys, but in the mean time, let`s assume even if your Niche is not affected right now if you are an Amazon affiliate, it might be in the future, don`t put all your eggs in 1 place.

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Feochadan Premium Plus
I can’t blame you one little bit. Crap load of work, though totally worth it
roamy Premium
Sometimes I think I`ll cry.I`m not a cry baby but there are times it`s just too much as there are also products I have to slightly change=changing some parts of my posts.
ByronB2 Premium
When I first started I used Amazon because they were easy to figure out how to link into your site. I am now gradually finding additional links as I have the time but since Amazon is already linked I'm leaving them for now. I figure a little bit coming in is better than nothing. I will delete them as I think appropriate.

roamy Premium
Some Niches are not badly affected if your niche was not so badly hit, take your time but for me, it`s like I have no choice and have to do it NOW. But it`s taking time as I have some posts I have to tweak a bit when changing links as I must promote slightly different products.
LDSewell Premium
I especially think your last comment is very important for everyone to understand - "don't put all of your eggs in 1 place" as you say.

That is also something that I always preach and have been preaching since 2012 anyway - and that is to never rely on any single source of any kind for anything (not a job, not any kind of income production opportunity etc., or service provider) especially when it is a platform/company/organization that is owned and controlled by someone else.

I see that mistake all the time with instructors who teach online courses on only one platform, authors who publish all of their books on one platform and YouTubers who have their entire business built on nothing but YouTube - and one day they anger the platform and get tossed (sometimes warranted and sometimes not) or the platform just changes its policies and procedures (or commission amounts) and poof - their business and income evaporates overnight...

Thanks for your post!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
roamy Premium
That was the main mistake I did. Sure not all my eggs were in 1 basket, but the main product I promoted was more in Amazon than other places.
It`s like...........let`s see, if you want to buy a new lawnmower, go here, then if you want to buy lawn mower parts and other gardening tools, you can also check these places.

I don`t know if my example makes sense. The main product I was promoting is an amazon product, the other smaller products are easier to find on other sites.
BorisRoman Premium
Hey Roamy,

I can only imaging how much painful this whole recent situation with Amazon dropping commissions might be for you.

Wish you to find much better options for the products you promote.

Anyway changes are always good whatever challenging they might be.

Wish you much success,

roamy Premium
This affected my website badly, most of the products are those that now earn you the 1% commission.
Sure there are options out there, but the particular products I promote are rare and the ones found on other sites, the choices are also very limited.
Right now I`m only changing links, when I`m done, I will have to re-arrange my whole site, change the direction, it will be a gentle change that some will not even notice.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
1% is crazy, I agree, I hope you manage to find alternate programs to apply for.
roamy Premium
Alternative programs are out there, alternative products for my particular niche are somehow limited, so I will be changing the direction of my site, but do it in a way that is not so obvious.
Sure I also promote products from other affiliate programs even before Amazon made their change, but the main product(my money page) I promoted is largely found on Amazon than other sites.