Is Anyone Too Having Amazon Issues?

Last Update: October 19, 2020

So, I still have Amazon products on my sites.With over 400 posts, this is not a quick thing to change affiliate products and links.

But lately when I check my Amazon product links,the links land to totally different products.I will have a ... coconut oil on my site and link to Amazon coconut oil, but when I click on my site ans land on Amazon, I land on some random products, just not where I`m supposed to land.

Minutes ago, I clicked a skin care masque link, but I landed on a cat food site on Amazon.

What could the issue be? I know most products are not available on Amazon for now, but I`d guess they`ll take a reader to something close.

Or might this be an issue? usually, I land on Amazon USA, but last few days, they bring me to Amazon Germany.I`m just confused

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Dave07 Premium
What a nightmare / shambles!!
I’ve never used amazon due to their terrible commissions but I think you have basically no choice other than to remove all amazon links and replace.
Big job, I know.
Unfortunately the current set up provides a bad customer experience and harms your site’s reputation.

Good luck
roamy Premium
Thanks Dave, I`m trying but I can only do so much, with other things to do, it`s a slow process removing all links as I also have to tweak some articles to match new non amazon products.
JeannineC Premium
Amazon really doesn't care where affiliate links land. Their latest commission cut - basically to almost nothing - shows how they think of their affiliates. No value at all.

Start with your most popular posts and start swapping out those links. Your new merchants will most likely have a higher commission rate, longer cookie period, and won't redirect your links that way!
roamy Premium
Thanks, I`m already changing links but it just takes time to do them all.As you said, I started with my important links, which I did about 3 months ago, the remaining are now for smaller products scattered all over my site
JeannineC Premium
Good for you that you're making progress. I always suspected this day would come when Amazon was completely useless, just sad that it's hurting so many good people.

I usually suggest you spend 15 minutes a day working on this task; not overwhelming, doesn't take over your day. Before you know it, you'll complete the pivot away from Amazon.