I think its time to unsubscribe from email lists

Last Update: April 24, 2020

I do not have any opt-ins on my sites, not really sure why, I just never got to it plus, I opted in to the wrong lists,without being told, being a member of their list let me know I can`t succeed in email marketing.I know they say

"The money is in the list" but how about they change it to "the disturbance and indirect show of desperation is in the list?"

I`m subscribed mostly to mom bloggers, small blogs that I hoped to feel like human, not a number, but..........what a pain it has turned out to be.

I think I`m subscribed to Max 10 or maybe less, but emails keep coming in at a speed I can not keep up.Sure the goal of having a list is to sell to your subscribers but please,give me a break,who tries to sell something every 2nd or 3rd day? 1 email will have 4 different affiliate links,then there will be a polite reminder the next day if you did not open, then comes the ........" U hope you`re not surprised to get an email from me so soon again I misquoted the date or I forgot to mention the % discount or whatever" email a day later. Then a few hours later a new email arrives with this "you must check this product that did XY".

And it goes on and on, honest it`s such a pain and in MY OWN EYES cheap and desperate.

I wrote 2 of the said list owners and said politely, please do not send me emails I`m not interested, I`m in your list because I bought your X product and if I unsubscribe, I will lose my lifetime access to future upgrades"

Stop Forcing People To unsubscribe From Your Email List

I know people do things differently, and maybe it works for them, but for me personally, it shows desperation.I know I do recieve their shiny income reports (with affiliate links for 1 product or the other) but it still does not impress me.There is just no way I could market that way.

If you`re reading this as an email marketer, please maybe take minutes and think of how you treat your list, but don`t take my post personally.

I know I did blog about this is the past but I felt the need to do it again. It`s ok to sell to your list, but it`s not ok to try and oversell because in the end, they do not even open your emails then after a while, they will just unsubscribe because they find you to be a disturbance

No Offence

My English is not the best around but I hope my post did not offend anyone doing email marketing. For me, it`s time to unsubscribe to the "useless" emails that just takes my inbox space and time to delete them.

Keep working.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
You've brought up valid points, Roamy! Hope you're able to ease that work load a little bit!

Have a safe weekend!

roamy Premium
I think (not sure though) these are marketers who feel like "let me get the most sales I can get from them before they unsubscribe".
But to people receiving such emails(the subscribers) it feels and sound so desperate to make a sale (in my opinion)
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're very correct in your assumptions, Roamy!
Mark1957 Premium
Very right Roamy, I wish I had a mass, yet selective, delete button for my inbox.......thousands of them in there that'll never see the light of day but interspersed with ones that I (think I) need to keep....lolssss
Have a great day!
roamy Premium
You are not alone, every time I go to my inbox, I keep thinking,why can`t they just stop, because honestly, it`s come to a point that it`s even a waste of my time having to delete their sales emails.
megawinner Premium
Yes, we should be careful and watchful. It could give us headaches and frustrations rather than a means to achieve our goals!
roamy Premium
I think it bring in more loss than win. What`s the point of having a list when you drive your subscribers to unsubscribe because they do not like your sales practice.
Maybe it`s just me, but I feel I`m not their kind of target, I don`t like the feeling of being used and that`s what most are doing.
It`s totally ok to sell, but trying to sell me every 2 -3 days is just a no-no.
megawinner Premium
You got it right, I got your point. Happy weekend, Roamy. 💸💰🔓🔑💲✅
Linda103 Premium
I get emails like that that Roamy, its a nightmare.
Even the ones who's products I bought I have unsubscribed from just to escape these awful people.
I think that's why I haven't made much effort with building a list so far, because I find them so annoying.
roamy Premium
Like you, I never built a list because after seeing how "email marketing is done"(wrong or right to me it`s wrong) I just knew I can`t do it.I don`t want someone feeling annoyed every time they get an email from me because they already know I`m trying to sell them something AGAIN.
Dave07 Premium
I am building an email list but hopefully my subscribers don’t view my emails the way you are reacting to those who are emailing you. There are many ways to use an email list. The people sending you the flood of marketing emails are running a churn and burn strategy. They send out masses of emails in the hope of making some sales before the recipients get hacked off and unsubscribe.
I am trying to build relationships with my list by sending out mostly tips and advice on my niche along with an occasional promotion. Certainly no hard sell.

Tip: use a spare email address for your email newsletters to keep them out of your main inbox. Then you can pick and choose what to read.

roamy Premium
Honestly right now, I don`t want to hear from any of them as I find they treat their lists with disrespect.
Maybe it`s feeling confident thinking " I`m not meeting this person in person so why not?" I don`t know but it`s terrible.
Glad to know you`re planning to use your list differently.
Please understand that I`m not reacting to them negatively, but I just get sick and tired of being sold to almost every 2nd day. Every single email that lands in my inbox are sales emails, every email with a minimum of 3 affiliate links selling 3 different products (counted before I wrote this post).
Then there are the follow-ups with the forgotten discounts or "gave the wrong time,I thought you did not get this" or whatever. Honestly, I have lost all respect.
I know not all email marketers are the same, but I feel these fine marketers I subscribed to learned their email marketing at the same place that told them not to give up and keep pushing till you get that sale.
Cheap really, but one on SMM niche even sent me an affiliate link to caravan rental.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Nice tip, Dave!👍👍