Funny Today I Disapproved 2 comments

Last Update: November 01, 2020

I asked for comments.Something weired happened, with in exactly 47 seconds of hitting submit, there was this generic comment already.I was still hanging around as I had to take a screen shot to send site support,that`s why I know it was 47 seconds until a "comment came back in"

I felt so dissapointed that there are so dishonest people.What will a $1(2 credits) do? to make a person disrespect another persons investment and work?( I have to invest 2 credits to get comments)

I rarely disaprove comments knowing the person spent time leaving the comments, so I just go ahead and edit.But for this comment, I was furious,knowing it`s a comment that was already written somewhere just waiting for a site to come asking for comments, then they just paste and send. I wrote the person and told them to please not leave a comment if I have site comment request in the future. I did not mince my words.

After sending them the declined message I went to the comments board and felt even more dissapointed, no wonder finding comments is getting harder as the faces I saw there included 3 comments (all within 7 minutes) that I declined.

Do to me and others what you`d like others to do for you.Integrity matters.

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Riaz Premium
I totally get you Roamy,
I usually just just copy paste their cheap comments, put it back in the disapprove description and ask them "Is this the type of comment you want people to give on your website?"

And I'd always tell them that they obviously don't read and that they should just stay away from SiteComments if they don't respect other people's sweat and hard work.

I know it's a bit harsh, but at least it helps reduce these generic comments and give better quality ones.
seanbennick Premium
I've actually going to start a list of people I won't accept comments from, there are some folks that just do the minimum and think it's ok. People that post "Great article, this is exactly what I was looking for." and similar garbage comments need to be highlighted on here some way. It's actually one of the reasons I stopped using the credits for comments section.

roamy Premium
As said, I told one person to please stay away from my site and not leave a comment.It was his 8th comment on my site and every single one of them has always been generic so I just had enough.
It used to be good when it was not monetized.
I have been leaving comments for 5 years if/when I need comments and have time, I always do my best to be relevant and to read a post before commenting.
It`s worked to my advantage, in the 5 years, I`ve left XXX comments and even with my low quality English, only 3 were disaproved for some Funny reasons
1-The person felt the comment did not promote their product enough( never mind it was a scam product which has long closed down)
2-The owner of another site preferred a person`s face on their comments.
3-The comment was too long
So I believe I`m doing ok
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you need to disapprove any obvious commenters who are gaming the system. Once their approval rate drops below 85% they are banned from commenting.
roamy Premium
There are times I`ll think, "the person spent time doing this so I`ll give them a break" but then you get tired of it, you keep making exceptions, they keep going on trying to game the system.
Dave07 Premium
It’s definitely the biggest problem at WA right now and I really hope the owners look into it again.
All we can do is hope that these tossers get enough disapproval’s to get banned
roamy Premium
Some people do not deserve to leave comments.I don`t know if it`s the $1 that makes people dishonest or what.
There are times I think and feel monetizing comments was not the best idea, firstly, it makes it almost impossible to earn credits so as to ask for comments as the requests are gone before you can even open a site.
But having said that, there are very good quality comments from honest people who want to earn the credits, then there are those who kind of throw things and hope it sticks.
DerekMarshal Premium
Kyle and Carson have been trying for years to improve the comments' engine, unfortunately to little effect. You just can't force someone to actually read the content before leaving a comment. A rarity.

It is in my opinion something best left to sunset. I used to use it all the time but it was more trouble getting quality comments than to what it was worth so, ditched it!. At US$1 a comment I can buy them elsewhere from various microworker sites and get better quality.
Dave07 Premium
I don’t know how it could be improved other than to remove the financial incentive altogether and just make it a comment exchange.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
You state it well. Integrity matters. If someone doesn't intend to leave honest, well-written comments, it's best for them to pass on leaving them at all.

I wasn't leaving comments today but when I do, I certainly do my best. I hope you find others to do the same for you.
roamy Premium
Thanks so much.
You know, I will accept comments not written well, when I can see the person WANTED TO leave me a comment. I`m not a native English speaker so my comments may not always be top quality, but, they always get accepted because the person can see I wanted to leave a proper comment.
I agree people who feel like they have no time to leave comments should not do so.