For Those Who Have Sold Their Websites , I Have A Question

Last Update: April 26, 2020

This is mostly for anyone who`s sold a website but I welcome answers from anyone who maybe able to help.

I have a website, I`ve struggled with it content wise as I lost interest in promoting.It`s a physical goods website, so it`s "earn as you sell".Sure there are many passive sales, I`ve made some sales from posts that are 3 years old, but still I got tired of the site long ago but kept working on it now and then, adding content when I had the time.

It`s not the right way to run a business, I`ve always thought of selling but then I think "too much work has gone into this site so I`m not selling" then I work on it again until the next urge to sell comes.

Lately I`m just more and more tired of the site and I think it`s time to let it go finally, it`s not as if I`ll be giving it away free.

Now I never created an opt-in for for the site so I have no subscribers, I`m fine with it that way.I read somewhere that the more subscribers you have, the better price a site can fetch, but as said, I don`t have a list.

To anyone who`s sold a site

Did you have a list and if not, did it affect the sale price so much?

My site is skin care niche,3 years old, 191 posts ( sometimes months go without a new post or me even visiting the admin area of the site),traffic is 52% social and 37% organic(for now).Traffic is very low for now but when I`m working on the site as I should, it`s goes upto 1000 visits per day.Income has been steady for the 3 years and all that.

In general, the site is ok, I just get tired of promoting physical products because I know If I don`t promote,the sales drop and with physical products, it`s a 1time payment.

Can you please tell me if not having a list is a big deal? or can I just put the site on the market and see what offers I get.

What Makes Me Decide It`s a Must Do Now?

The site is about microdermabrasion which means I mostly sell personal care products(people will not find my site while looking for camping gear, they find me while looking for personal care products) and this as you all know now only earns you 1% affiliate income at Amazon.

Yes I could move things around but there is no easy way to change the niche plus, it`s the site as a whole I nolonger want,

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jvranjes Premium
Such a site can generate a good income with Mediavine ads, you have enough traffic for their criteria. Wonder if you have ads on it.
roamy Premium
Hi Jovo, really good to see you¨
I considered monetizing only with ads and taking the sales that come my way (thanks very much) but, over time, I`ve studied the site well.
If/when I stop promoting on social media mostly, the traffic keeps going down. it`s like I have to be present on the site to benefit from it.
There was a time I had Adsense and the site, made between $250-$300 a month, went up to $400 twice but there is no site that can run totally hands-free so I`ll still be having to spend time now and again to keep it active in the eyes of Google. and I just don`t have the time.
Once more, really lovely to see you.
jvranjes Premium
Thanks, it is great to see you active.

OK I understand you want to sell, this was just an idea in the case you do not get a proper offer. Normally Mediavine brings more than Adsense, you could expect $600-800 or so with such a traffic.

Things have changed a lot due to this changed commission on Amazon, your niche in particular is affected. Wonder in what direction you are going now instead of physical items.
roamy Premium
Thanks Jovo
The problem with my particular niche is that , microdermabrasion goods are very rare on other platforms like Awin and selection for buyers very limited(if at all).
I thought of moving things around but it will still be too much work, changing things in over 100 posts in a site I do not like.
Another thing I`m not even sure is if people will buy a website at this time.
Will put it on the market and see what happens.
I don`t know if sites like valuations can be trusted because if I can get what they say the value is, I`m ok with that.
It`s not a question of that cash but 1-I`m not throwing the site away and 2-I just don`t have the time to spend on the site yet I still love the income it brings.
boston10111 Premium
I’ve sold a website before. No list. Only traffic from google. Sold it on Flippa for $12,500. You can see my article and reasons why I sold here. You can put it on the market no problem. You may or may not get buyers but if it’s well devoloped someone may be interested. Updated regularly or not. List or no list.

Sales or no sales(traffic still counts for something)

Did having a list affect my market price?


But from the research I did I still feel I got close to market value for what I was selling.

Do some of your own research. If you have questions ask here or send a pm.

I’m not an expert only sold one website. But had a good experiencedoing it

All the best,

roamy Premium
I really appreciate your answer.
Yes my site makes sales, has been since it was created, I just get tired of promoting physical products.
will Pm you if I have any questions.