Amazon Affiliate Commission Rates Not Worth The Work

Last Update: May 10, 2020

As all affiliates know Amazon affiliate commission rates dropped to the lowest they could.

Now as an amazon affiliate you`ll have to sell thousands of products to make any money to talk of.People in personal care and other niches only get 1% affiliate commission,my niche is also affected as I`m in skin care so most products I sell also fall unuder personal care which also pay 1%.

I`ve been doing my best to change links to other affiliate networks but this takes time as there are some posts I need to change some to make them work.

While working on a just now, I saw that I made a sale(happy dance) until my head dropped

A $119 sale will not bring me even $5 commission!!! as this is in health category.

What a disgrace, I wonder that there seems to be no laws guarding the internet, this is taking advantage of affiliates in the worst way.

I just feel so angry and I don`t think this feeling will stop any time I make a sale only to realize it falls under the 1% category.

I already spoke about this on this post and I`m not going back, I`m working hard on changing links because really, Amazon has once again shown that they are fine without the affiliates.

Last week, I sold food stuff(for the first time) 25 items the person bought were all food stuff like brocolli and youhurt etc. for some items, i got paid 0.06 commission. and for a Yopalit yogurt I got paid 0.02 affiliate commission.Now I wonder how many yougurt or cookies I`ll need to sell, a cookie paid me $0.04 commission.

How are amazon affiliates supposed to make money? For those who still chose to stay amazon affiliates,all the best.As for me, I`m still busy working and removing Amazon affiliate links, it`s just not worth my time.

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laurenjean Premium Plus
Aaargh... I feel for you, Roamy!

I'm so sorry to hear that Amazon's new commission structure has hit you so hard. What a mission to start again finding new affiliate programs for all your links.

I can only imagine how time-consuming it must be and how disheartened you must feel right now. Amazon has really rocked the affiliate marketing industry with this decision.

Luckily Jeannine is here with an alternative option for you. May you have tremendous success with Awin and Share a Sale.
roamy Premium
I really appreciate.
Changing links is not the biggest problem, but there is this part of changing some parts of a post so it works with the "other product" that`s driving me crazy.
And to make it worse, there are some items that are just almost impossible to find in other affiliate networks.
But, this will only make us all stronger and better affiliates.
JonLake Premium
I agree it is an absolute waste of time being an Amazon affiliate now. I also noticed today that they have reduced the commission are on any non-direct sales to 1.5%. By, 'non-direct' I mean the items they also buy after going through your original link.

This used to be a real bonus part of selling Amazon products but even that has disappeared now!
roamy Premium
That`s news to me now.
Non direct sales is what`s keeping many affiliates on the platform. Whoever their adviser is, that person is very wrong and misleading.
JeannineC Premium
Amazon doesn't care if affiliates make money. They know they have billions of links from millions of affiliates who will never take the time to switch them. Basically for Amazon it's free promotion for the next 20 years.

Don't let them get away with it!

Good for you that you are swapping out your links. it's so worth it. I'm the network rep for and here on Wealthy Affiliate. I can tell you that on both networks we've seen literally thousands of affiliates pivoting their links to other sources.

Now the success stories have started - people are learning that they can make as much OR MORE, by switching away from Amazon.

Sure, it's a bit of work, but it is so worth it!
roamy Premium
You just made me laugh so much that Amazon knows there are affiliates who will not take the time to change links, how so true.

Amazon knows real well Affiliates have made them what they are today and as you just mentioned, some affiliates will not change links so it`s a promoting for Amazon products for many years to come.
But for me, my time spent working is worth more than 1% affiliate commission.I`m fine without them.
JeannineC Premium
Your time is definitely worth much more than 1% or a 24 hour cookie. Go for it!
a1jonuk1 Premium
It will teach us all a great lesson, the one about “Do not put all your eggs in 1 basket “

I haven’t changed Amazon links on my site yet but if Amazon UK decide to follow Amazon USA and reduce commission rates , then I probably will.

roamy Premium
Unfortunately, I did put all my eggs in 1 basket for a simple reason (most products I promote are more on Amazon than other affiliate sites) but I`m changing things as I just can`t sit back and accept my efforts not being appreciated.
Stanleycmng Premium
Time to diversify. You can leave the links until you get a viable alternative affiliate paying more.
roamy Premium
I sometimes just want to kick myself because I depended so much on Amazon, but lesson learned, I'm working on diversification.