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Last Update: May 03, 2017

Hi all. Just a quick update from my side of the internet. Today I woke up, turned on my laptop, and checked my email to find that I had a message from the website I am currently affiliated with.

As of today, the 3rd of May, I have officially made my first $11.60. Here's the proof:

A little background should be in order. I MUST state that this was not an overnight process nor is it confirmed to be a process that's going to remain consistent.

I joined WA in October 2016 and stayed for about a month, at least until after the $19 membership ran out. In December I was inactive and only rejoined in late January.

Later on, I created the website I talked about in my last blog. It's been doing surprisingly well.

On May 2nd, my website was getting 285 sessions visits yet on May 1st, it had 67 session visits. My website is nearly 3 months old if that puts things into perspective.

So I've finally made some money through my website. I'm quite happy and it's a whole 11.60 bucks which is a huge amount to be paid considering some other affiliate marketing sites give lower commissions.

My website is called: www.ibadvizer.com if you want to see what a nearly 3 month old website looks like.

I'm 19, going on 20 soon, currently not at university because I'm transferring and this has been a huge success to me.

Big thanks to Kyle, Carson, and Jay for giving me the advice and opportunity of starting what is essentially an online business.

Will I be seeing success from now on and into the foreseeable future? Who knows?Am I confident that I will?

Well if my website brings in the traffic it's been generating for the past two days then absolutely.

I want to make sure this is motivation for everyone. Like I said in my last post, challenge yourself to get to the 3 month point. That's what I told myself I would do when I first started my website.

I'm not the most experienced in Affiliate Marketing nor have I been doing it for long enough. I just know that if you follow the training, do your own independent research in SEO, Keywords, and anything else that can help you gain traffic, then success is inevitable.

Anyway. Hope you're having a great day wherever you are in the world and wishing you the best of luck in your online endeavors.

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This is awesome! Are you planning on staying active on WA while at University? If yes, how much time do you anticipate putting towards it (either daily, weekly, monthly... whichever) and are you trying to grow this to be your income to get through school?
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
Well done and congrats
its great to see success
It will help to keep us motivated and will be motivation for yourself also
RMcKenna Premium
Thank you Phil :)
XinZhang Premium
RMcKenna Premium
Thanks! :)