New premium member and why?

Last Update: December 19, 2015

I researched for 6 months about reputable online and affiliate programs. I found that WA was miles ahead of the any other 'Affiliate' company plus featured and rate well in BBB in USA. Due to this - i choose WA. As I mean to make a serious go of a small business operation within WA, it makes sense to get the right tools from the start. I know this is going to take alot of hard graft to make it successful (like any other business). But- in order to reach that success, premium is the best option to get the best training, support, technological assistance and a sense of community .

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fawlty Premium
Hi, thankyou for following along with me, I sincerely hope that you succeed here at WA. I am only new here and still learning , but I'm sure that this is the right place to learn. All the best !!
Regards Mark(fawlty)
Art16 Premium
Great decision! I feel the same way!
WebBasedUser Premium
Excellent outline of the reasons chosen to go premium. Enjoy
EddySalomon Premium
Hey Robyn-lynn,

You made the right decision. Even without any BBB rating WA would have been the right choice. I'm glad you understand that this is a long process but it will be worth it in the end.
kennick2015 Premium
Yes you will need time and the tight training to achieve your goals and the Premium Membership gives you everything you will need. Good luck.
rlwood Premium