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Hello to all I'm Roy Lee (formerly rlh58)-(changed to match web page)-.... I'm a 57 year old ( hopefully stay at home ) single father of a six year daughter, only child. Yes I started late in life. She's wonderful a true blessing. I'm an x construction worker and truck driver. I now have a small lawn care business that's struggling to survive. And with the arthritis in my shoulders physical work is almost a thing of the past. So I find myself in need of a new carrier. One less physically demanding that also allows me the time I need to care for my daughter. How great it would be if I could attend after school functions, pick her up from school, spend more time with her. And make a good living. Seems to good to be true. But I'm determined and committed. So I hope and pray this works out... Looking forward to working with all of you.
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Eluellen Premium
This is a no-brainer pay strict attention.

HelenpDoyle Premium
Roy, nice to hear from you. I know I am later responding but better late than never!

I spent the last career of my working life as a Project and Construction manager. You guys are the life of construction work; without you I wouldn't have had a job.

Put up a photo of your daughter so we can all get to know you a bit better..

I see you have been here a while so hope things are going well for you.

Work hard, have some fun, hug the daughter and keep in touch.