Migrating Sites to WA (I love Site Support!)

Last Update: January 23, 2019

Late last year I formed a small media company, taking over their digital assets, most notably two successful news websites in a highly targeted B2B niche.


One of the immediate problems to resolve was the high costs of managing the digital assets. The highest (non-HR) cost was their mail database - we used infusionsoft at $300 per month. That's $3,600 per year. I switched to Mailchimp and cut that by a third, although as the subscriber base continues to grow, so will this cost (worth it!)

The next big cost was hosting. We were paying $110 per month to host two sites, and it took me two months just to find out what services the host was actually providing!

Time to Migrate

Once I finally got through to the web host, the owner was more interested in telling me that previous problems were not his fault. I wasn't interested - I just wanted to compare costs and features. Eventually, he told me about a wonderful integrated platform he had built, which I didn't have access to. He also told me he was managing site security, spam and plugins and tried to confuse me with words like "registrar" and "nameserver" and "DNS." He had no idea I was trained in this by WA.

After a quick site inspection, I discovered that he had done almost nothing except provide a hosting server for over two years. The answer here was clear. Time to migrate.

SiteRubix, hosted here on WA, offers 25 premium websites. I only had two to move over. But they are large sites with thousands of posts and images. Could SiteRubix handle it?


SiteRubix offers 30GB of space for each website, and all the features my previous host claimed to be providing:

  • Daily backups and restoration in case of crash
  • Spam block
  • Site security
  • Site speed management

There is much more, but best of all: Excellent Site Support.

I Love Site Support!

The next challenge was in getting the host to comply. My cynical side told me it's because losing my business would cost him $1300 per year, my forgiving side told me he must be busy - either way, shoddy customer service. During the migration he would not give me login access to the domain registrars or provide a download of the site. All he did was point me to the WP Clone plugin.

Fine. I can work with that. I've got Site Support in my corner!

The migration took days of work (would have been faster if I'd had experience) but I was truly amazed at the quality of assistance from Site Support.

  • Super fast to respond
  • Direct and to the point
  • Proactively troubleshoot and fix bugs
  • Plain, layperson's English!

I could go on. But really I just want to share how awesome the SiteRubix support team are here at WA. Thank you, Site Support.

Plus, migrating these two sites to this better platform saved me $1,000 per year!

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TDenise Premium
This story is one of the reasons why I'm a big fan of WA hosting. Many people have been pointing out their imperfections over the last few days, but they have very strong strengths too.
SnazzyIT Premium
Wow, goes to show learning at WA will assist in us not getting hoodwinked, and this is great news by the way :)
RKingsley Premium
Thanks Snazzy!

I wasn't really getting hoodwinked, I just wanted to provide a case study into the REAL value of hosting at SiteRubix!
SnazzyIT Premium
Thanks for clarifying, I commented as a generalisation apologies
I am the one getting hoodwinked :)
Anthonyhu Premium
Nice job!
FKelso Premium
Well, glad you have our Site Support to help you out. They are indeed wonderful.
Kerjackie Premium
There is no better place than at the WA to be, is cheaper, the Suppor team is always here to help you at any moment.
It was a great migration decision you did!