How Wealthy Affiliate helped me fire my boss

Last Update: June 24, 2016

You read that right: After a few months here at WA, I have built an online business strong enough to fire my boss.

***Update, 24th June 2016***

It just occurred to me that I have left out a very important point: That I would not have achieved this moment in my life without having discovered Wealthy Affiliate. So, a HUGE thank-you to Carson, Kyle, all the WA team and also to the fantastic and helpful community we have here.

Thank you all so much!


If you have been following me since November 2015, you will already know the backstory: I was a moderately successful Business Development Manager in a digital marketing company, already working from home. I am a passionate, semi-pro craft beer brewer, with considerable pro experience. I have a job coming up in a microbrewery, opening in a couple of months.

After months of chasing up unpaid invoices, I realised it was time to diversify my income. I just couldn't afford to pay bills monthly and get paid, late, every 6 weeks.

I've been on WA since November, 2015.

Replace your income

I actually get along very well with my immediate boss, so it was a bit sad when I had to sit him down and say "I can't afford to work for you anymore." Well... sad, but extremely cool.

At the end of May I wrote my last invoice for that media company, and until I open the brewery, my entire income is generated from online businesses. I learned all of the necessary skills at Wealthy Affiliate.

How to do it

Here's my current activity, and how it is going.

  1. Niche Website
    1. A beer and brewing blog. Making money after a few months.
    2. Just followed the basic training, in a niche I love.
  2. Web Development
    1. Following the WA training, I build the occasional website for customers.
    2. Brings in occasional income
  3. Freelancing
    1. Following advice from other members, I discovered how and where to market my existing skillset
    2. Brings in regular income

So there you have it. Within 6 or 7 months of being a part of WA, I now earn as much as I did in my previous job.

Want Training?

If I get enough likes and / or positive comments, I'll put in the effort to actually build a training program for you all.

Just say the word!

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JauA Premium
Great positive motivation to really get going! The opportunities are there - just have to grab the handle and open the door.
RKingsley Premium
Thank you! It's been interesting to get to here, still a long way to go!
Ecowarrior Premium
Fantastic news Jess! I wish you all the best!
RKingsley Premium
Thanks EcoWarrior! And all the best to your success too!
SadieChan Premium
Wow, that's fast! Jess. Waiting to learn from you! Sadie
RKingsley Premium
It is Sadie, perhaps too fast. I am now reliant on invoices being paid, commissions coming in and a few other income streams, which is great but just a little bit scary.

People like me enjoy a tiny bit of uncertainty, but others might prefer a slower approach!
JudeP Premium
Fab news Jess, well done :)
RKingsley Premium
Thank you!
Sirio Premium
Wow, I am really happy for you! Sounds like you've made it ;) Turn your passion into a business!

Looking forward to hear more from you! Keep us updated.
RKingsley Premium
That's always the goal, Sirio!