Google - What is up with it these days?

Last Update: February 02, 2017

Hi all, sorry I have been quiet in the community recently. But I am still here in the im space. I have a question for you. What have been your experiences recently with checking how Google displays results according to the keyword you have entered? I have been doing some keyword research (as one does here in internet marketing). But it has been my experience recently that Google is not returning results that match my key words. Even the FOUR paid ads at the top of each page are not that relevant to my keywords. The following organic entries are also not very well matched.

I still believe in keyword research as a way of focusing our content creation but I am not convinced it helps in rankings now that Google seems to be off in la-la land when it comes to matching results with enquiries.

I look forward to hearing of your own experiences.

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RoriO Premium
Thanks for bringing our awareness to this. I'll be watching for this odd behavior now that I know.
Tezsie Premium
I had not noticed this, but will be on the lookout now. Thanks for sharing, Robert.
Fushniki Premium
This is interesting, I felt like I was noticing something as well. I found a keyword that had a QSR of 1, but then when I put it in google, all kinds of crazy stuff appeared?