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Last Update: July 23, 2018

The Power of the Mind

With more and more people studying the positive thinking, holistic living and mental science approach to abundant living, "affirmations" are becoming 'extremely popular.'

Affirmations are not to be confused with traditional prayer; rather, they are a form or mental commands that invoke the Mind to act upon the good that is sought.

Affirmations can be silent or verbal. The word "affirm" means "to make firm." By repeatedly declaring the good (goals) you desire, rather than talking about what you lack, your subconscious can pick up your clear intent and begin acting upon it.

NEVER Underestimate the creative power of your words. You create your own world with your words (verbally as well as with the silent words of thought), as did Jehovah in the very beginning. If you are not pleased with the circumstances and conditions that you find in your present experience, be aware that you can change them by speaking new words of positive living.

AFFIRM YOUR GOOD NOW! Just make certain your word treatment is correctly phrased.

NEVER AFFIRM THE NEGATIVE! Don't say, "I don't have this and I need it." Instead, affirm: "This is what I want and I know it is mine." Thank the Good Lord for something you don't already have but believe will be yours is a powerful mind-power demonstration.


The Six-Steps of a Scientific Mind Affirmation are:

1) BELIEVE that there is a Force that acts upon your words.

2) UNIFY with this Force and know it is ready to work for your good.

3) SPEAK YOUR WORD - Claim the good you desire. Be specific about for whom and what you treat.

4) ACCEPT - deny any false condition and affirm the truth.

5) GIVE THANKS - feel joy in knowing you have the Power working for you, with you and through you.

6) RELEASE IT - let go and LET GOD.

"Through Him, All Things Are Possible ."


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Trujunco Premium
Good morning Ron,

Just wanted to say that this post as a lesson is completely solid in its message, which brings encouragement to my own intention of traveling to discover the world,the peoples and cultures within.

Also appreciate your use of "Jehovah's" name in reference. This resonates with my own sensibilities

Be blessed, Ron.

In admiration

David R.
bushrash Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing with us here.
rjkennedy Premium
You're welcome
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing Ron. Perhaps I need to reaffirm the positive.

rjkennedy Premium
Thanks for reading
AlexEvans Premium
That is such a great approach to living in these modern times thank you for sharing Ron.
rjkennedy Premium
You're welcome, my friend