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Last Update: July 25, 2018

Making Easy Money Online Is Not Difficult.

This is a something many newbies ask. There's so many online businesses offering to readers what they can do for them, but later, discover that the business offer a bunch of broken promises. This is why Wealthy Affiliate rises to the top as a legitimate business that far surpass any other online.

The beginning marketer will get so much community support here 24/7, that their first reaction would be "WOW!" (You're NEVER left alone here in WA to defend for yourself! Someone is always here to help you toward your journey to financial success, again 24/7).

Through all the fantastic training offered to you, there's No Way you won't make money online.

Seems that when it comes down to online success, it all boils down to how focused you are. It may sometime feel like we're in a race. A race to financial success. It doesn't matter who starts the race, what's important is who finishes. (..that's always accomplished by the most serious ones).

Many stumble along the path to success. (We just can't avoid those damn detours, but don't let them stop you or slow you down).

But before any race, a runner usually prepares him or herself for the big event. Body conditioning is important to a runner, just as 'a focused mind' is important to an affiliate marketer.

This is where It all starts! How you prepare for the challenge. Mental health care is just as important, if not more, than anything else.


The two most exciting developments in the health care field are (1) the new holistic approach to health and (2) preventive health care. The one truth concerning optimum health is that your mind can make (keep) you well.

Everything begins in the mind. It has been studied and noted that "the Mind plus beginning, means everything begins in your mind." "Your every experience comes out of your mind, which is an indivdual extension of Universal Mind, which is All That Is."


How do you feel about that question? If you don't believe you deserve to be rich, you probably won't be, and if you do eventually have money, you won't fully enjoy it the way you'd like (you know how it goes; it's Never Enough).

Once a person has decided that he or she wants to be rich, there are only two immediate obstacles in his path. His or her belief system faces only these two questions:

1) Do I deserve to be rich?

2) Do I believe I can be rich?

A positive "Yes" answer (with feeling behind the word) to these two questions can lead you to unlimited wealth and prosperity. If you believe you deserve wealth and you believe you can be rich, it will be almost impossible for you not to accumulate HUGH sums of beautiful oney and other forms of abundance.


Poverty consciousness is the result of low self-esteem and negative thinking, nothing more and nothing less. A mental belief that upholds poverty consciousness is a learned condition.

It is the result of what others have told you about or your feelings about money, when you did not have any money (especially back in the day, when we were much younger). Your positive feelings about money have always been when you had a flow of money circulation in your life.

Negative programming puts our attention on scarcity, redstrictions and financial dissatisfaction. Thoughts centered on lack and limitation cause poverty consciousness and maintain it.

Until prosperity consciousness prevails over poverty consciousness, the unnatural condition will linger and sabotage any efforts to reach financial freedom.


How many times have you found yourself saying this, "I would have been successful BUT___" is the big copout of people who did not quite make it. Here is a list of leading Big Buts:

BUT I didn't have enough education

BUT the economy was bad

BUT I wasn't given a break

BUT I was unlucky

BUT I got married too young

BUT I had to support my family

BUT my divorce set me back

BUT my boss is an 'ass hole'

BUT they were jealous of me

BUT my parents were poor

If this list has not caught your BIG BUT, fill it in here: "I ___________________________would /could be successful BUT, ___________________________________________________"

Now, to win big success, just get your BIG BUT out of the way. It stands between You and achieving Total Success.

You need a reason to win or a reason to fail. Nobody becomes a loser without one or more (usually several) ifs, buts, would've, should've, or could've. To embrace success, you MUST let them go. You can have them or you can have success.

You Can't Have Both!

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will."

Vince Lombardi

To Your Success,

Ron Kennedy

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Making money on the internet is not hard. Just follow Vince Lombardi's advice.
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Ol' Vince tells it like it really is.
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