Getting To Know The Financial Side Within You.

Last Update: November 23, 2019

"Life, faculties, production - in other words individuality, liberty, property - this is man." Frederic Bastiat

Moving Foward Towards Great Success

Before a person can even take the first step toward making a fortune, he must know about himself as a Wealthy Affiliate, time-consuming investor. The investor should take a personality inventory of his or her strengths and weakness.

He or she must know, right from the beginning, what they're capable of doing and understand the character traits underlying their personal hopes and ambitions. Only then can he have a better handle on his decision-making processes.

Before he or she can even start, the investor must come to task with where they stand at the present time. Before trying to chart a path, design a plan or determine a course of action for yourself, become a premium member here and let WA do all the heavy work.

With such a large, experienced and knowledgable business community, Wealthy Affiliate can provide and satisfy all your entrepreneural needs. It's all right here. No need to go anywhere else. The weekly Friday training alone is worth 'its weight in gold!'

But like any other business, it takes dedication and hard work. Without question, the most important question that MUST be answered is "How much money must I make to be satisfied with myself?" "What amount woud be considered enough?"

Time Is Money - Money Is Time!

There is much more than empty space behind the old expression, "time is money." The march of time is pervasive - and it can't be stopped by breaking the hands off a clock, interrupting the sway of a pendulum, standing in the way of a sun dail, setting back your watch, or tearing the pages off a calendar.

Time is the scarcest resoures that a man has to work with. Each second is unique - it onlly passes by once, and life is short. "Living life to its fullest means getting as much done as soon as posible."

Ron Kennedy

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Very true, time is the most precious commodity, Alan.
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Thanks for the advice and knowledge
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Thanks for reading
allancurtis Premium
Hi Ron, all good points .. thanks for sharing your thoughts! Am following you ...
rjkennedy Premium
Thank you Allan. Continued success to you