How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: May 07, 2020

How long does it take to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate? This question is asked frequently on Wealthy Affiliate.

Another question is “How much money can I make with Wealthy Affiliate?

New Members

This post is intended for all new member who did not had the opportunity to go through the training yet and maybe you are still deciding whether to join as a premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme and therefore you will not make money instantly. How much and how fast you make money, will all depend on the efforts you put in.

The most important factor to take into consideration is that your website needs to mature and be recognized by the search engines.

Many factors play a role in getting traffic to your website:

  • You have to choose the correct keywords
  • High quality unique content
  • You have to provide a service and product people are interested in
  • Your website must be SEO ready
  • And many more other factors

Without traffic to your website you will most definitely not be able to generate an income.

The answers to these questions:

  • Nobody can tell you how long it will take to make money. If you are dedicated, you will make money eventually.
  • How much money you make from you website all depends on your niche and the products and services you promote.

The best advice I can give you, is to start your training as soon as possible. Kyle will explain the complete process to you.

A request for the more experienced members:

  • If there is anything else you think I should add to this, please leave a comment in your reply.
  • I would also like the answers you would give to these new members, should they ask the question.
  • Are there any blogs or training here at WA we can refer these members too?


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JeffDolson Premium
Thanks for the message Rika.
RikaSF Premium
My pleasure Jeff.
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Rika, I think you have covered most of the responses that need to be put out front. All of us would like to make money, but there is a difference between making $20 one time versus making that same $20 monthly. To achieve the second you need factors you mention play a critical role. This is not a get rich quick program.
RikaSF Premium
Thanks Harvey. I cannot agree with you more :)
JReinbold Premium
Hi Rika,
You make some great points. It is important for new members to go through the training especially if they have no experience at all. But besides making sure that you strive to get a good ranking in the search engines, there should also be some planning to promote your site to targeted prospects. And that would apply to either option, i.e. developing your presence in your own niche or going the route of the WA Affiliate program.
RikaSF Premium
Thanks for replying Joe. I agree with you. Your presence in your own niche is very important :)
Toshmack Premium
Hi Rika,
A very good point indeed.
It does take time and effort.
Cheers Tosh :)
RikaSF Premium
Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated :)
bigrog44 Premium
Hey Rika, I hope I make some money soon.
RikaSF Premium
Thanks for replying Roger. Yes me too :)
bigrog44 Premium
No problem, Rika.