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Last Update: August 26, 2016

As per my blog entry "Day Two," I'd wondered why I was deserving of amassing such a list of Followers without having done anything to warrant it, especially as a rank newb to the site.

It appears your Rank is more to do with community engagement than actual expertise or success. Thus the more people you follow or questions and replies you supply in discussions, regardless of value, boosts your Rank.

So unless there's some distinction made or other criteria applied past a certain point, then it would seem wise to make no assumptions based on the Rank of a member. At least at a certain level as I say, I hope not all.

I am always happy to be corrected when I am wrong, though,

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AmberA Premium
It is based on community involvement...which does not necessarily mean you are an expert. You are however contributing to the community and while you are doing so you are likely learning lots!
ridesisapis Premium
Hello Amber, I don't mean to be negative, I do appreciate the positive atmosphere that's encouraged on WA, but I've been a member of other entrepreneurial boards where I've noted the highest post count contributers felt that conferred authority and expertise - which in many cases was far from the truth. Plenty people talk the talk etc.

There's no harm in that in many arenas but when it comes to spending money, then it can be damaging if you're following the advice of someone you believe to be more experienced than you, but in fact has no record other than regurgitating dogma/repeating other people's advice, or worse pontificating on what they "think" would happen with zero point of reference.

So whilst there may be gold to be found here, it may still be prudent to exercise caution on the community advice. And I note the questions I have contributed to discussions have went unanswered, which were slightly more involved than "my page on Wordpress isn't showing up!" And to be honest most of the comments I've access to seem to be by members with no experience at all of web design or business, the stock reply to everything being "do the lessons."

I probably am going to sign up and see what these lessons offer given the no commitment cancellation policy, and possibly then will find what I'm looking for.

Right now, "I want to believe" but haven't seen anything of real substance, just pleasant platitudes.

AmberA Premium
I didn't have any experience when I got here. Lukily I learn and pick up things quite quickly.

When I first started I would follow anyone with a rank under 200. I too figured these must be the "experts" I needed to pay attention to. It was a while later when I started to interact with some of these people that I found out many were only here slightly longer than I had been and some had yet to make any real money.

Some people choose to be really active on the board. Sometimes with nothing more than posts meant to inspire and encourage other users.
There are those who write a blog post every single day.

I choose to spend my time on the lessons and working on my site. I was wrapped up in rank for a little while, but recently realized that there is better uses of my time.

I do tend to be on the community daily. I am on during my breaks at my day job. Some days I am quite active and other days I don't write anything.

I have found it very useful and would not have gotten as far as I have without them

There are people here that are experts and have been at this for 5+ years

All you can do is give it a try. The intro month will give you a good idea about the lessons.

Good luck!