Day Two

Last Update: August 22, 2016

Spent yesterday and today going through entry level training, much of it I'm familiar with (web design and blogging) but what was of most interest to me were the lessons re SEO.

Points of note: it's reiterated that the web is a big place with a couple billion users, and it is, but not all are English speaking, though. That said, it still leaves, as Douglas Adams would say, a very large number. And I'm aware there's auto translating tools for websites etc. But just saying,

Creating a blog is easy enough, getting traffic's the hard part, so I'll be interested to learn more on that.. However, while throwing a blog site up on the web may be easy, putting together a well designed one takes time. Acquiring the coding part of that technical knowledge is no longer a barrier, but there is still a considerable learning curve with Wordpress, and to wring all the bells and whistles out of it, takes a fair bit of application. For many, it may be beyond them, in which case they will probably end up using a stock template website that, unfortunately, looks it, and looks like a lot of other ones.

If I'm going to plug my payment details into a site, I have to have confidence in it. I appreciate that won't happen directly with Affiliate linking, but the same rule applies: I need confidence in the site's look i.e. professional, the reviews it hosts, and the links it supplies. If I don't get the warm-fuzzy feeling, I won't stick around on it.

Writing well, engagingly, and with authority is not so easy either. Which is why I probably see so many requests for good article spinners at other sites. That said, even if you write original copy, and with knowledge, a lack of comments to your posts sort of creates the impression your site is a ghost town - even if your Google analytics and you know different.

Building a blog, with authority/knowledge to be trusted on your recommendations takes time. I know that's not strictly required in order to set up shop, and I'm not making judgement on that (we're all adults and I'm here for the same reason as everyone else), again, I'm just saying. It strikes me you'll do a lot a better as an active blogger, building your audience, traffic and niche rep - even within just your user base - than just flinging a bunch of affiliate links up and hoping it'll get found. Not sure everyone signing up appreciates that..?

But I could be wrong, because, as said, the web is a big place, and it takes all sorts.

Not sure why I warrant followers at this stage, but seemed to have amassed a significant amount, for having done nothing of note as yet? I like the friendly atmosphere, that's nice, but...why?!

Anyway, moving forward.. :)

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