Day Three

Last Update: August 24, 2016

Okay, so I finished the entry level training yesterday. I appreciate it's rank beginner stuff re the blog advice etc, but I did find the info on Jaaxy and SEO interesting... even if it was brief. However, I don't want to knock the training because if you are new to blogging and Wordpress, and aren't particularly computer savvy, it'll do what it says on the tin and get you going.

After absorbing the info on SEO and keywords, and I'd done some previous research re my existing blog and websites, I did find several tools/methods that purported to do for free what Jaxxy did. I noted Jaxxy is owned by the same people who provide this site, and don't blame them for pushing their own products (especially internet marketers!) but why not bring the existing keyword tool up to the standard of Jaxxy (incorporate or link its functionality) rather than advise subscribing to a separate fee taking product off the main site? Jaxxy does look a good product, it amalgamates the information you may have to use two free products to achieve, but it's still an additional expense on top of the premium membership fee. You're also being told the tool that comes with your premium membership is inferior to the other product they own. That doesn't deter me but it doesn't endear me either.

You're encouraged to ask questions. I've asked two thus far that no one in the community's addressed. One regarding affiliate marketing/content and one regarding a free alternative to Genius Link. I'll copy below:

1. Affiliate Programs - you created a review site for products with affiliate programs. Did you actually test each product in order to review it, or create your reviews as an amalgamation of existing (independent) reviews? Were the reviews ranked, and if so was the ranking related to the overall public feedback on the product or the commission? ("6 Ways to Make Money with Your Wordpress Blog")

2. You mention Genius Link but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of the purported free service affiliate-geo-target (A-FWD)? Seems to do the same thing as Genius Link, but I've yet to test it admittedly.

I've not come across any reviews as yet, but I'm aware anything free may well not have the same commitment to uptime and can disappear or be withdrawn at anytime, but for someone dipping their toe in, I wondered if it may be worth looking at.

Barring an avalanche of WA nay-sayers to this question, I'm going to check it out anyway. ("Kicked out of Amazon Affiliate Program after 180 Days?")

Neither of those questions are meant in any contentious way, just genuine calls for information. I also clicked the button for community help. Amidst all the "great info!" messages that continue to appear with regularity in the discussion listings (to the point I wonder if these are real people or message bots?), and replies to simple beginner difficulties with Wordpress, I was hoping for a little veteran engagement on my enquiries. That would go some way to signing me up now I've completed the beginner course, and assure me there is seasoned advice and expertise to be had for the price.

For me, the value is to be had in a one-stop trusted repository. If I don't have to continue combing the net for the information I seek, double checking it, seeking out reviews etc., then WA is worth it to me. It's not worth it if it's essentially a Stepford Wives community of positivity messages with no substance: I'm looking for serious people with greater knowledge than me, not a hippy commune.

Anyway, I've access to the search functionality and can read blogs/questions for the moment, so the information contained therein should give me a better feel for the meat & bones of the place.

Continuing on ...

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SafaaM1 Premium
hi Adam, did you ever get any answers? I know this was 4 years ago and you're still here, but what convinced you to stay?
GomMagtibay Premium
I have an idea of what you feel now.. I felt the same when I was just new here.. And do you know what I found out? WA is the best among affiliate training programs on the Internet!

Just give it more time, continue your lessons, implement what you have learned, and connect with more people here. I used to be a Kangaroo in online opportunities hopping from one company to another, until I landed here... No jump or hop since then. ;)