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September 07, 2016
Finished the training, which if you've never researched Affiliate Marketing, will tell you everything you need to embark upon it. However, chess takes a few minutes to learn, and a lifetime to never quite master...I think I'd come across everything offered in the training before arriving here, bar perhaps the most important part which is keyword implementation.I had read articles on it and had installed a Google QSR feature within Chrome, and been directed to Google's own keyword tool, fooled a
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August 31, 2016
I'm not a fan.I've used it before and to get all the bells & whistles out of it is not fun. To get a site up using a standard template is easy; to get it looking anything like the websites you see featured in the Themes listing is not. If you want that you're going to be paying for the upgrade extras and/or going on a painful journey of HTML/CSS discovery. I note the theme editor is turned off by default. Wise. I discovered that after installing my first choice theme, and entering the site
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August 28, 2016
So I went Premium today. I reckon a month should be enough time to evaluate what's what, and make a decision on my continued participation from there.It's a friendly, thriving community, that much is obvious, but it remains to be seen if there's anything more beyond that. The additional lessons etc., that come with the Premium membership will determine that.I've built several websites before for my on world businesses, never as an affiliate site though, so I am new to this. I am very much learn
August 26, 2016
As per my blog entry "Day Two," I'd wondered why I was deserving of amassing such a list of Followers without having done anything to warrant it, especially as a rank newb to the site.It appears your Rank is more to do with community engagement than actual expertise or success. Thus the more people you follow or questions and replies you supply in discussions, regardless of value, boosts your Rank. So unless there's some distinction made or other criteria applied past a certain point, then it w
August 24, 2016
Okay, so I finished the entry level training yesterday. I appreciate it's rank beginner stuff re the blog advice etc, but I did find the info on Jaaxy and SEO interesting... even if it was brief. However, I don't want to knock the training because if you are new to blogging and Wordpress, and aren't particularly computer savvy, it'll do what it says on the tin and get you going.After absorbing the info on SEO and keywords, and I'd done some previous research re my existing blog and websites, I
August 22, 2016
Spent yesterday and today going through entry level training, much of it I'm familiar with (web design and blogging) but what was of most interest to me were the lessons re SEO.Points of note: it's reiterated that the web is a big place with a couple billion users, and it is, but not all are English speaking, though. That said, it still leaves, as Douglas Adams would say, a very large number. And I'm aware there's auto translating tools for websites etc. But just saying,Creating a blog is easy