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Wow, will these people never go away! Every time I think I have finally blocked the hucksters from Empower another hamster pops up and spins his spam wheel!Has anyone else experienced this? Is there some magic button that you can hit so they know that you are not interested? This is not the kind of residuals I want. Ah well, I suppose it's my lesson learned and perhaps the odd reminders are OK (he says with clenched teeth). I think I need a virtual guard dog on my desk top. Scams have
The training, especially Boot Camp, at WA has been phenomenal! My brain is often maxed out with learning the technical side of websites but it has been rewarding, especially for someone not well versed in it, and I know I don't have to be. Writing again has been a joy and I like the "bite-sized" posts and articles that go into building your websites (as opposed to writing a book or stage play), and I'm learning the importance of writing quality content.I've got a great start in my
Couldn't believe this review when I was done!OK, I'll admit it...I was one of those who previously gave money to Empower Network (EN). Fortunately, after about 5 months, I called it quits and unsubscribed, canceling my recurring payment as well. However, it was my introduction to blogging and websites so the time wasn't all wasted.Lesson Four of the Phase Two Boot Camp training required another review to post on our site. I knew that at some point I would review EN so I decided to
February 28, 2013
60 Days!. That's how long I've been with Wealthy Affiliate. Sometimes overwhelming with all the information and training, sometimes frustrating because some of these things don't come easily and I have to reread or redo or "re" something.60 Days! I have a couple of websites up that I'm proud of and give credit where credit is the teachings and support here. It's been an incredible time and I am enjoying it so much and know there is much further to go...and I look
I've been with WA for about 8 weeks now and am doing the boot camp training. It's great and was the right thing for me at the right time. One thing I'm learning is to post links regularly to my Social Networks. This has been good and will generate responses. However, in thinking about this, on the Day 5 break we have :), I've realized I have moved away from "just talking". So here's my Plan:Step 1: Post WA links - I'm following the training laid out because it's
Internet Marketing = laughing? Who knew. Let me start at the beginning:Learn. Wealthy Affiliates is a great place to learn. There is excellent training and resources for the how-to of internet marketing. Just jumping in? Jump with both feet...jump with WA. As someone very inexperienced in this, I have spent time searching for various methods and coaches. I recall when I was doing a search and found a bad review on one of them. And guess what...when I continued to search for good or reco
January 22, 2013
Finally got a site up that I'm happy with...the purpose and content anyways. I have lots of tweaking to do with the format, etc. but at least I have something to work with now.I struggled, like some newbies do here, on what my niche would be. Then I realized that for the past 6 months I've been pondering the decades in my life (some would say I'm teens anyways). When I add up those decades in terms of observations and experience I realized I had much to offer. So I went
To be or not to be...that is not the question or intention of this post. If I say "2B or not 2B" that's a little closer (it's more "comupterish"). Why am I Wealthy Affiliates? A song comes to mind: "The Wanderer: "They call me the wanderer, Yeah, the wanderer. I roam around, around, around, around." Internet Marketing! Opt In! Capture Pages! Make money! Look at my bank statement! I've tried a lot of them. I've lined the pockets of the gurus and th
January 03, 2013
...that is the quest...literally! Finding a niche sometimes seems exhausting and you begin to second guess the skills and abilities you have. Me? I have limited crafty or gardening or mechanical skills. My computer and electronic knowledge is limited so I cannot speak intelligently of those things (although no guarantees because I am good at "make-believe"). So what shall my niche be? Is it suggested in the title? Who wrote "To be or not to be"? Shakespeare? I am creative and can come u
Well after midnight on December 31st, in a galaxy far, far away (actually we were from 3 countries) a few of us newbies were chatting and figuring some things out together. It was great! We discussed finding our niche, using the feather to post (which I am doing here for the first time), and accessing our "build website" button. Oh, and we cussed "online gurus" a bit, too. Thanks to all of you who chatted, whether is was in the early a.m. in your country or after supper.That being said, it w
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