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August 25, 2013
I sometimes let scam emails come through, filtered of course, so I can keep tabs on "what's hot"...meaning, what's the next greatest scam. This way I can monitor which review I do next for my Boot Camp site. It's always interesting to hear it from the horses mouth...just don't sign up. But when the article is written, and it is, then it's time to unsubscribe and cut down on the junk. Got to do that yesterday and already I'm getting fewer emails. It is rather enjoyable to say bye-bye and nex
Do you know who Meatloaf is (I might be dating myself here)? This was one of his more popular songs but without the (WA) of course. My point? Well there are two of them, actually. It's a great song! The WA Dashboard is my first stop when I come here Here's why: Did I say it was a great song? I see the latest blogs and discussions from WA members and I can quickly pop in and make comments. I can also click through to someone's profile and follow them. Live Chat is running in the right hand c
With the recent enhancements to connect with one another here at Wealthy Affiliate we have become an even stronger community. This is extremely important because so much of building our business is done in isolation. Having a support community is necessary for success and having a multitude of options to "talk to one another" is critical. Let me touch on some of the recent additions that I am liking. Live Chat While not new but with a new "Actions" tab, most of us are familiar with the
Hi everyone. Time and time again I see members comment that they don't remember how they found WA but they are glad that they did.A few months ago when I first tried to remember how I got here I did some digging and found out when and why:A Lost BoyI was one of those unfortunates that had signed up for EN but, fortunately, didn't go "all in" because I would have had to sell my house...or my soul...or something. But during my few short months there I continued looking for an honest revi
June 18, 2013
So I started up a new website about 3 weeks ago and, following the training here about using good keywords and writing good content, one of my posts is on page 1, position 4, right below 3 Amazon sites. And yes, I used Google "incognito" and checked...and there I was. I'm rather pleased with that. Next stop, my first sale is sure to follow.If you sometimes wonder if the training at WA works then I think this should help convince you that it does. I found myself in a very competitive marke
Hi everyone.So I've now caught up on Boot Camp and have done two videos (easier than you think). When I was "preparing" I actually used some "stage secrets" from my time in theatre. So I thought I would share a few of them here...maybe things you won't learn in the training here but they will help you in your video preparation. And, ACTION (oops, that's the movies)Have a script or an outline, depending on your comfort level. This gives you time to organize your presentation and m
Odd title for an online university, don't you think?As we all know, there is so much to learn here at Wealthy Affiliate that it can get overwhelming...if not outright overpowering. But it's better to have access to the is cool...than to wander aimlessly online falling easily to the next troll that lurks under the "get-rich-quick" bridge.But sometimes, even at Wealthy Affiliate, you need to stop learning and just get busy doing!I've gone through the Level 1 Getting St
Wow. I was doing a quick search on an affiliate program for my niche and when I hit the enter button guess who's website post showed up in the number one spot? Your's truly.I've been spending the last 3 weeks getting almost daily posts on my site because I wanted to build it out a lot more (thanks, Kyle for the breaks in Boot Camp so I could do this). I've been using Jaaxy Enterprise and have been finding great keywords with low competition and writing those.My hits from search e
I never realized until today that the words scam and spam are only one letter apart from each other. Hmm, in what other ways are they similar:Scam claim they have a product for sale (it's like an Easter egg hunt to find it sometimes) not honest or legit...and are after your moneySynonyms: swindle, trickery, fraud (in some cases)Spam unsolicited bulk messages junk emails which often include bogus offers...sometimes referred to as "scam" (see above)Synonyms: exploitation, repeat ad na
We know of the vast resources, training, and support her at WA which enable us to build vibrant sites filled with great content. The learning curve is huge as we often see in Live Chat when new members jump on and ask questions and comment on the depth of the training. All good stuff and I think we all know that this is a great place to be.But I would like to spend a few moments talking about the people at Wealthy Affiliate and the fact that very few of us have actually met face to face.Commun