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Yes! And to prove it, I bought my 2014 annual membership through the Black Friday special. Year 2 is locked in and paid for and I'm scheduling my calendar so I have a clear direction of where I want to go and how I plan to get there. I'm one of those who landed here after being scammed online (I have a particular bias against EN). Fortunately, one of the WA members did a great review and I followed their link here. And on December 27, 2012 yours truly became a Starter Member with Wealth
December 24, 2013
This is a rendition from an old, dear friend of mine (circa 1980)...Isaac Twas a night around Christmas, and all through my shack, Not a critter was stirring, not even this quack. My wool socks were all tethered to the chimney with twine, Cuz I knew that old Santa liked to wear mine. My mule was nestled, all snug in his shed, With visions of alfalfa running amuck in his head. My hound on the floor and I in my bed, had settled to snoring to wake up the dead.
December 18, 2013
Hi folks. Because so many of us use PayPal at WA I wanted to alert you, if you haven't already heard, of a scam that's going around. In my case, the scam email says that my account has been limited because of a virus or a suspicious attachment and that I need to click on the link to write to PayPal about this. The subject line says that a message has been left on server (whatever that means). What seems to give validity to this is that it comes in as being from "The Gmail Team". I contacted
December 15, 2013
Hi folks and early holiday wishes to you. I oftentimes see members asking how long a post should be. The recommended # (not written in stone) is 400, which seems to please the search engine bots. And the response from some is often shock, and even "I could never write something that long". Here's a little insight: as you continue writing and become more proficient with your posts your question will become, "How many words are too many?" Because now you're on a roll, have done your research,
November 11, 2013
Mary has said it so well And in honor of my step-dad who we are celebrating today.
Hi everyone We typically "hang out" with folks from our own continent/time zones and develop close online relationships with them. But last night I got to experience other WA members whom I don't normally see. Here's why: my daughter decided it would be fun if she and her friend woke us up at 3:00 in the morning. Well, to be honest, they did try to be quiet but to no avail (they're teenagers). Of course I couldn't get back to sleep right away so I sat down at my computer and thought, "I wond
Hi folks. Two days ago, October 7th, I wrote a blog here on WA entitled "Follow the Training". This was in response to a comment I left on someone's post that they needed to follow the Level 1 Certification Training. I realized that we often share that training because it is where new members should begin. So I thought I would quickly blog about it, intending it for WA members only. Tonight, just out of curiosity, I typed that phrase into Google and here is the result: That's my blog,
October 07, 2013
How often do we see someone give this advice? How many times have you given this advice? Why are we always recommending that members, new and old, follow the training K & C have laid out? Because the training works. The Certification training and even the Boot Camp training should be your road map when you start out and sometimes we have to travel the same road twice to really see all the sights (that's a reminder to self). There may be side streets and interesting scenic tours with a
It seems only fitting that on Wealthy Affiliate's 8th Birthday celebration we also acknowledge the support personnel here. Why am I saying this? Something odd happened to my main website (I'm still not sure what I did :)) and I needed to send in a support ticket. They responded immediately and told me what I needed to do. That didn't completely resolve the problem so I had to send another ticket. They resolved the problem with the following message: "Your database has been restored from ou
Hi everyone. It's nice to see that the number of complaints against EN have increased since I last looked (based on Better Business Bureau and my own search results). If you don't know, I once belonged to Empower Network and got the SEO wind knocked out of my sails! Why? Let's see: they taught us to use duplicate content the focus was on making money first improper training of Adsense (got me banned), pay per click...and, well, let's just say, improper training their emphasis on article spinn