Why all boot camp students should be aiming for vegas even if they aren't bothered about going

Last Update: February 03, 2017

That might seem a little odd, but if you’ve opened this blog post rather than just skimed over the title and moved on to the next then it looks like your mind is open to what I’m going to say.

Maybe you’re just curious about the contradictory nature of the post title, in which case please read to the end and hopefully you’ll see the wisdom in what I’m going to share.

Why is it so important to qualify for Vegas if you don’t wish to go, or genuinely can’t go due to some other commitment?

I fall into the latter category. I don’t want to leave my Wife and two young Sons as I would feel more than a little guilty if I’m away enjoying myself 5000 miles away from home. Especially as my boys at age 8 and 6 are a little too young to understand why I’m not there at home with them. If I was to say ‘Daddy has to work.’ I wouldn’t be telling them the truth.

However, I still feel it is vitally important for both my business and my personal growth that I do still QUALIFY even if I choose not to go. Why…?

For a start it gives us focus – a definite target to aim for. When we first venture into business for ourselves we may find it difficult to set our own goals even if we fully understand how vital it is to do so. We don’t necessarily even know just what it is we actually want our business to help us achieve.

In offering us this fantastic incentive, Kyle and Carson have helped us to set a clearly defined goal which is totally achievable if we work hard enough.

Imagine throwing a dart at a dartboard with a blindfold on. We may well hit the board at least because we’re stood in front of it before we put on the blindfold. But if we hit the bullseye it would be a pure fluke, right?

Secondly, if we have a target for the year of 300 Premium Members we will achieve far more sign ups in that timeframe than if we didn’t have a specific number in mind. Most people, when asked how many affiliates they want to sign up will answer ‘Oh, as many as I can.’ Natural as that is for people who aren’t used to goal setting, it won’t get them anywhere.

If we say 300, we may well get 300 but we may get 200. It will give us consistency which we can then build upon. If you DO want to get to Vegas, go for 1 a day at least.

We’re all in this to earn money, right?

Say if we sign up 300 Premiums in a year. If they all go for annual membership and renew year on year that will give us 300 x $175 = $52500 in RECURRING ANNUAL INCOME.

I know that’s an over simplification which will never actually happen in the real World, but on the actual model of the average affiliate generating $100 in commission for their referrer that’s still $30000. A lot of people don’t achieve that in their jobs in a lifetime. We can do that in a year with WA simply by having a simple target to aim for.

Qualifying every year will increase your income by $30000 a year.

Thirdly, Jim Rohn said ‘Seldom will your income exceed your personal growth.’

What Jim means by that is that we have to grow as people to grow our pay cheques. The more we become, the more we can and will earn. Not vice versa.

We are in an industry where we profit through service to others, rather than at the expense of others. To quote another great mentor of ours, Zig Ziglar said ‘Help enough people to get what they want, and you can have anything you want.’ There is no more noble a calling than that, I believe.

As we grow our business and self-develop, we will start to let go of the negative feelings many of have unconsciously inherited about money during the course of our lives. We hear so often that old mantra ‘Money is the route of all evil’ and although we may not consciously believe it, our sub-conscious may tell us differently. We live in an apparently unequal society where envy persists and it often encouraged and exploited by politicians and the media to further their own agenda. When we hear something often enough, especially from people we’ve been conditioned to look up to, a small part of us starts to accept it even without us realizing.

When we know that we are improving our lives by improving the lives of others, we can learn to accept our growing wealth and be ‘prosperity conscious’.

Remember, just because you QUALIFY, you’re not compelled to go. It’s entirely voluntary. But by at least qualifying, you will be a lot further forward than you would be if you don’t have another clearly defined goal that you are totally focused on.

I would very much like to go to Vegas. And with the income I’ll be earning by qualifying for it, I may just be able to fly my Wife and kids out to enjoy the non-conference time with me!

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