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This morning I logged on to my WA Profile and saw a message that I was being followed by a New Member.As I always do, I went straight to the person's profile to welcome them to WA, thank them following me, let them know that I'd returned the compliment andto wish them well in their endeavours.What I saw from a fellow WA member by way of a 'welcome' absolutely appalled me for it's complete lack of professionalism, integrity and consideration both for our Newbie and for the WA community and all i
With a surname like Brennan, I'm allowed to poke a bit of funat my ancestoral Kith and Kin!Happy St Patrick's Day my dear WA Friends - enjoy yourGuinness and your Bushmills chasers!BTW.....the next line in the song is 'With his Merry Men' but we'd bestnot go there!
My Wife shared this on Facebook this morning.Like cancer, pretty much all of us will know someone who suffersor who has suffered with Alzheimers or Dementia.I bet most, if not all, of us thought at some point 'I hope they pull they plug if that ever happens to me.' I know I certainly did. We can make the lives of sufferers so much more bareable, and in sodoing make it so much easier for ourselves to cope as family members and / or carers, simply by thinking how we can best communicate with the
Here’s 7 little gems from one of the greatest human beings ever to walk thisEarth – Sir Winston Churchill. 1.Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. 2.Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. 3.A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. 4.You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. 5.Success is not final. Failure is not
‘The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’ said the Philosopher, Bertrand Russell.I saw this on a friends Timeline when I logged into my Facebook account this morning and after sharing it to my own Timeline I had an instant urge to write a blog about it.That was after I googled Bertrand Russell to make sure that he was actually a philosopher rather than the 1930’s jazz musician I erroneously thought he was! Yes, seriously….no disrespect to the great Man since
Some days when I log on, I see some of my fellow newbies asking for adviceon niches, or whether it's best to go down the Bootcamp route or the Niche route, or which of the two to do first if they intend to do both. I've seen some differing opinions offered up on the way to go, or on which to do first so I thought I'd get my 'four penn'eth' in, as we say in England.I intend to do both, and I've elected to do the Bootcamp first. I believe thereis no 'right way round'. It's all about the individua
I’m sure we all remember our Parents telling us ‘Don’t spend it all at once’when they were giving us our weekly pocket money, or when we received some money off a whiskery old Aunt for a birthday or Christmas.That’s great, but apart from that and being told to open an interest paying bank account when we were teenagers, that’s probably all the financial advice we really ever got as we were growing up. We all want the best for our kids and we all want them to
February 22, 2017
The other day I blogged about two books I’m reading by Melody Beattie, called ‘The Language of Letting Go’ and ‘More Language of Letting Go’.To re-cap, each book consists of 366 short daily chapters of about a page each. Little ‘vitamins for the mind’ to take with your first cup of coffee in the morning - or tea in my case as I’m an Englishman!They’re a wonderful way to get in the right frame of mind to set the tone for the day ahead, and th
February 20, 2017
This morning I commented on a blog post of a WA friend who was feeling a little down. Hopefully her feelings are only temporary and she will have got some encouragement from what I said. I then thought I'd blog it to share it with the community as a whole. In my bio, I mention that I am passionate about personal development as I believe this to be the key to success both in life and in business. I'm reading two books simultaneously at the moment that are helping me enormously. I know 2 books at
We all know (at least we should if we're here!) about the importance of setting goals.But how many of us actually write our goals down and read them to ourselves every day?It's proven that having goals written down and meditating on them first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed brings us into alignment with what we wish to materialize. I've known about this for years but having been a past Master at the University of Procrastination, I have to confess that I have only recen