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I'd love to have the Community's opinions on a couple of domain names I've purched please.I'm not overly inspired by the name of my current Bootcamp site, not so much for the name itself, but because I feel it's too long and it's also hyphenated which, I believe, is not good for SEO.As I was accepted for this year's Super Affiliate Challenge, I thought I'd make a completely fresh start and effectively make this 'Day 1' of my Weatlhy Affiliate membership going forward as my 2 and a bit years hav
Coping With The Loss Of A Much Loved Pet - Our Beautiful Kitten Rosie.Coping with the loss of a much loved pet is something many people experience, and we’ve found ourselves going through the pain since we lost our beautiful kitten Rosie last January, at the tender age of just 6 months. If it’s happened to you, then hopefully this blog post will give you some comfort in knowing that your pain is shared and understood. Rosie passed away on January 25th, having contracted a disease ca
DO MY FELLOW WEALTHY AFFILIATES REGARD THIS AS SPAM? YOUR OPINIONS PLEASE!Hi FolksPart of my daily routine in Wealthy Affiliate is to network within the Community and to that end I follow new and existing Members most days.The other day, I connected with someone who has now sent me a Private Message containing a link to one of his programmes. Surely, this goes against the Community's anti-spam rules and, since this person has been here since 2015 he really ought to know better.If he were a Newb
Hi FolksI haven't posted for a while, so I thought I'd give you a bit of an update with my progress so far within Wealthy Affiliate.To say my progress so far here at Wealthy Affiliate has been a roller coaster would be a bit of an understatement!Up, down, stop, start, fast, slow - I've allowed myself to fall prey to the 'Stuff Of Life' syndrome since joining in January 2017.But I'm still here and I've now finally completed Level 2 of the Certification Training and have got a nice new badge show
Hi FolksRecently I had a follow back from someone I had connected with here in the Community and it made me decide to write a post about some of the little details we should consider when we connect with or fellow Members. When we follow someone, we are introducing ourselves to that person and how we do it can make all the difference as to how we appear to them and also to whoever may read our greeting to them. I'll come back to the first bit shortly. I make a point of following newbies who
Hi EverybodyI've recently got stuck back into the training here after a lengthy absence and am just over half way through Phase 2 of the Bootcamp.One of the tasks in lesson two was to share a post on Social Media using our affiliate link for that particular post.I believe this is an under-used resource here at Wealthy Affiliate and yet it is such a useful tool which allows us to leverage the success of our fellow Community members.We can use every post, training, etc, here at Wealthy Affiliate
Hi FolksThere's been a lot written lately about the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which became law in the EU yesterday, Friday 25th May.I'm sure, like me, your e-mail inbox has been inundated by Privacy Policy updates from everyone you have subscribed to online, and while this may start to get a little tedious it can be a great framework for wording our own Privacy Policies on our own niche websites.I've been printing them all off and am now going through them picking out the w
Wishing all my WA Family love, peace, happiness, health, wealth and prosperity in 2018 and beyond. May you achieve all the success you strive for.2017 has been a challenging year for me, which has taken me out of the WA 'Drivers Seat' for much of the year. I'm almost at my first Anniversary now but have only been active for around 3 months.This is a new beginning and I know 2018 will be my year.I wish the same for all of you as well :-)CheersRich
November 23, 2017
Hi FolksWhile we're all thinking of Black Friday, happy Thanks Giving to all my WA friends State Side. Enjoy your turkey and pecan pie, folks, and have a great day :-)Onwards and upwards!CheersRich
Hi FolksI'm assuming that there are people within the WA Community who, like me, were unwittingly sucked into the Banners Broker Ponzi Scam a few years back. Hopefully we've all put it behind us as a bad experience.For those who are still out of pocket, there is now hope of obtaining your money back.Apologies if you were already aware of this information and have acted accordingly, but this post is for people like me who had given up hope and were not aware of recent developments. I paid for my