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In my last post, I talked about writing quality posts and what that means and requires.Today, here is a very short update.Yesterday, I mooted the idea that Quality is best measured based on predefined deliverables and therefore, to be thought of as qualiy a post needs to meet certain requirements. I.E. Quality means conformance to requirements. I inadvertently forgot to make a point.Today I received a timely email from author James Clear which reminded me of the following:"Finishing projects is
Search engine Optimisation (SEO) practices state that quality of content is important for SEO, but SEO tools generally have a very limited capability for testing for quality content.Many people assume that writing perfectly (with great spelling and grammar) represents quality. Although good spelling and grammar can make an article easier to read, there are other important factors for ranking purposes.The most important factor is what Google calls "user intent". User intent is about how well we
John Mueller QuoteGoogle's well-known spokesperson, John Mueller responded to a tweet on 17 March 2021.The question asked by @seochatterblog on Twitter was: "How Many Blog Posts Does It Take To Grow Traffic?".John Mueller replied: "GOOGLE doesn't count your blog posts. I'd focus on quality rather than quantity. Make something truly awsome, unique, compelling & insightful. If that's a single page, it's a single page. More pages or more words on a page don't make something better. True for bo
March 02, 2021
When and When Not to Ask: “Why?”During my formative years, I learned to ask “why?”. We’ve all been there, stacking “why”s to the point of annoyance. Stacking “why”s until an exasperated Aunty Joan exclaimed: “Because God made it that way!”. Asking 'what is the power of why' would not have occurred to me.Over time I learned that asking “what” and “how” elicited more useful responses.Eventually, in my mid-tw
A Little Imagination...Over Christmas, I asked myself how I can finish the year 2020 strong and set a solid foundation for 2021 ... (actually I do this every year).I am now imagining that It’s December 2021 and that I’m at home, relaxing.As I gaze at the roaring fire I have a flashback to December 2020.That’s when I made the decision that changed my life for the better.One year ago I decided that enough is enough and it’s time to make some real changes.I decided to becom
The Illusion Of Time ManagementTime itself can't be managed. I said it in the title ... there you go... I've said it again. This doesn't mean I think that time isn't useful. It most certainly is. But to me, the term 'Time Management' has always been a misnomer.Going Back In Time a Little ...From a very young age, various people (mainly parents) used some of their time teaching me how to ’read’ time on a clock. After a while, just like you, I got it of course.From that point in time,
Action PlanningIn my previous post, I referred to the importance of setting appropriate SMART goals and expanded on the subject of chunking up; a simple process used for clarifying why a particular goal has been set. Discovering your 'reason why' is the key to remaining motivated when things get tough (at some point they almost certainly will).The next step is to discover and commit to whatever actions are needed to achieve your goal.Outcome Goals And Action StepsAssuming that you have figured
Introduction to chunkingMuch has been written about the importance of setting SMART goals or outcomes.Less has been written about the importance of figuring out WHY you want a particular goal or outcome.In a nutshell, being clear about why you want to achieve a specific goal, is the main key to remaining motivated towards completing that goal. If you can't explain, even if only to yourself, why you want to achieve a specific goal, then by default, there can be no reason for working towards that
November 11, 2020
Productivity Tools For WritersA previous post (My 3 Month Review At Wealthy Affiliate) included a little about the challenges I faced at becoming efficient and effective as a new writer of blog posts.My experience of software and productivity for writers is not vast. However, I initially found software which are great products but which when combined made blog post-production for me something of a chore. My current, hopefully, a temporary (voluntary work) situation is that I have time between a
This post might seem like a bit of a ramble in places. Be warned; there is a point or two to my rambling which sets the scene for the main point on the often written tips on setting goals.I’m The Boss Of Me...Believe it or not, I am the centre of my own universe and you are the centre of yours. Everyone is the centre of their own universe. This is neither a spiritual statement nor anything to do with being self-centred. It reflects the way my brain (and I believe your brain) perceives its