Writing a Blog Post Anywhere in the World Part Two

Last Update: March 29, 2018

The Joys of being a Grandparent

Dear Members

I must admit it's twice as hard to give time to your online business, when your grandchildren are using your bed as a trampoline and they want you to join in their games. I did the next best thing, I switched off my laptop and joined in the fun. After dinner, I read them a bedtime story and as soon as they were fast asleep, I continued writing my post. I give Kyle and Carson full credit for designing the site editor. I can save my work and edit my posts whenever time allows.

I keep reminding myself this is a working holiday and getting the balance between my business and holiday is crucial if I want to enjoy both. The Easter holiday has started in Cape Town and my other granddaughter who is twelve years old got 90% in all her exam subjects and a straight A in maths. I was hopeless at maths when I was her age, she rang me at my son's house and asked me to take her to the school party on Tuesday, as the school was closing for the Easter holidays. I felt very chuffed when she asked me.

I asked her what she was wearing for the party and she told me that she could wear anything suitable and was allowed to wear lipstick. I did frown at the idea but hey! that was her mother's decision to allow her to wear lipstick, I was only the granddad escorting her to the school party.

For those of you who have teenage children or grandchildren you will always see them as little girls and boys. You forget they grow up into beautiful young men and women with their own ideas, hopes and dreams for the future.

To get back to my story, my granddaughter floated down the stairs like Cinderella - she glowed, partly because this was her first school party and secondly no parents were allowed. My wife, my daughter-in-law including myself felt tearful, when we saw how grown up she looked in a second, and that was just by adding a touch of pink lipstick. That's my gorgeous granddaughter with my wife in the picture above.

We picked her up from school three hours later and she could not stop talking about the fantastic time she had with her friends at the school party. All four of my grandchildren are having a sleepover at my son's house tomorrow evening. On Saturday morning I will be treating the eldest grandchildren twelve and six to a movie and Mc Donald's. I had better take my energy pills, I will need it for the sleep over. I have already stocked up on the goodies for tomorrow. More than likely I will be the first to fall asleep.

Tonight my wife and I are spending time together before world war three starts. We both love theatre and comedy acts. It will be non-stop laughter presented by a Jewish comedian who speaks perfect Xhosa ( one of the main African languages spoken in South Africa).

Its back to the Wealthy Affiliate Drawing Board early tomorrow morning as I have a few more posts to write and two of Jays webinars to watch.

I wish you all a Happy Easter. No matter what part of the world you are, enjoy your time with Your Loved Ones, these moments shared together are rare and precious, which no money can buy.


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AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Richard, Prescious times, need to make the most of them while they last, Best Alan
MiaL Premium Plus
Happy Easter to you too, Richard. You write with so much pride about your family. I loved reading your post! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family :)
Dashnow Premium
Have a Happy Easter to all!
CandiGirl71 Premium
Happy Easter, Richard. Enjoy your family to the fullest.

MonicaRobin1 Premium
Richard, you are having way too much fun! Enjoy
Rich908 Premium
Making up for lost time