Write a Blog Post anywhere in the World Part Four - Goodbye Cape Town!

Last Update: April 26, 2019

I can't be believe that our trip to Cape Town has gone by so quickly. What are we going to miss about Cape Town? Eveything ! For a start we will miss our delightful grandchildren and of course, our adult children, my family and my friends. The aromatic smells of the spices driving you with hunger to taste the delicious curries so lovingly prepared. You have to go one day to visit this vibrant city.

The people, the colors, the food, the wine, those memories will stick with you long after your trip has ended. Probably even for the rest of your life. You’ll never forget the panoramic view from the top of Table Mountain, its where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The taste of a cold beer on your lip on Camps Bay beach at sunst, exhilerates me. Those are a few of the things that make Cape Town so special and will linger with you for a long time.

We arrived in April at the start of Autumn - but it was hot right up to the time we left. I spent more time in shorts and t shirts which saved on washing as there is a huge water shortage at the moment. We went for unforgettable drives with my grandchildren bursting with energy.

I spent many a happy moment taking them to the movies or making cookies with them. Our friends would drive us out into the country side and we would spend hours laughing and eating like a group of teenagers

My grandkids wanted to me read to them before bedtime not before they used my bed as a trampoline, I would chase them around the house with a scary mask, they were genuinely scared of my face and preferred the mask.

Where do they get the energy. From ? Each morning I would take them to Montessori school and pick them up and treat them to a choclate ice cream running down their cheeks.

Before our last day, my wife decided to read them stories at their classroom. The look of surprise on their faces was pure magic when they saw us. They ran into our arms for a hug and we had to hug the other kids as well.

Letter to our Children

In one of my older post I wrote about starting a new life in another country. It did not work out for my wife and I for a number of reasons. We decided to come back to Ireland and rebuild our lives again.

It a took while to adjust to life without children and grandchildren not being near us. We have adjusted over the years. We visit them every year and speak to them weekly on Skype.

My wife and I wrote this letter to our adult children and to thank them deeply for leaving us with a precious gift - Our grandchildren.

For my children

I read an excellent article today about siblings and the various stages our relationships with each other develop from teens, to twenties, thirties and beyond. Separation and non-communication is an important part of growth as we mature and find our own space in an ever chaotic world. However, the message was, no matter what bundles we carry forward with it, there comes a time when communication should strengthen.

Siblings have their own story, be it from childhood to maturity. Siblings have their own angst and pressures. But the message that came across strongly was to re-connect if the connection is broken. Communicate and never forget the love you have for each other or the family stories and heritage that have created the wonderful beings that you all are.
Learn from each other. Accept each other's idiosyncrasies (is that spelt right?). Not that you have any!

We, your parents, have been truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. From the first moment we gazed at each of you at birth, with total love and awe, to know, when we still gaze at you with total love and awe. (That's what it is. The answer to a question you have often asked: "Why are you staring at me like that?")

Every step we share with you on your journey in life has been magnificent, truly! You allowed us to be part of the downward spirals and we supported you to the best of our abilities. You allowed us to be part of your tragedies, and celebrations, and incredible growth. To say we are very proud of you all would be an understatement. Not necessarily of your achievements, which we are, but of the beautiful, loving, caring human beings you have all become.

It is reflected in your children. (Even crazy Oliver and Slinky cat). It is reflected in your dealings with everyone you meet in life.

You are all different. You are all unique. We love each one of you equally and that is the total truth. No, we do not have any favourites. That would be impossible.

Our journey together has been amazing and I thank you all for sharing it with us.

Never ever forget how much we love each other, that unique bond that is truly there. Learn to accept all of our differences and remain connected. Through your growth, your children will learn.

The Spring flowers die in winter, but they blossom again in the Spring and bring added joy to our lives throughout the Summer, a smile to our face and a moment of serenity.

Love you all very much
Mum and Dad xxxxx

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