What Wealthy Affiliate has taught Me

Last Update: March 03, 2018

Dear Fellow Members,

I have come a long way from Amway to Herbalife, only to discover that it did not provide me with the financial freedom it promised. The only one making money were the ones on top. I was desperate to get customers and soon I was running out of Family members and friends to buy my products, in fact I almost lost their friendship.

How desperate we are to earn an income and we will try anything that sounds and looks like a good money spinner.. Unfortunately the are scammers and so-called gurus that are willing to have desperate people like me on board.

I had dreams I had plans I had visions but I failed every time. Each time I failed I got up and tried again. I started to wonder whether I had put my ladder against the wrong wall. I just couldn't understand why I was not making money even though I was following everything to the letter.

If it was not for my tough minded optimism, I would have quit ages ago. Four years ago I came across another successful internet business.I signed up for a monthly membership and learnt the basics of web design and internet marketing. It was an introductory program for learner's to advance their internet skills and build a successful business online.

During that year I focused on the training modules, it was easy to understand. I did not renew my membership the following year as I felt I had learnt all there was to know about internet marketing. My website looked like website, in fact it looked more like a collapsed wedding cake and I knew something was not right ,I had a long way to go and I had just touched the surface of internet marketing.

So there I was in limbo not knowing what to do. They say a little knowledge is dangerous. I had the new found skills and knowledge but how to use it was the nagging question.

One fateful day I did a key search on Wealth and what do you know, Wealthy Affiliate pops up. My curiosity got the better of me and I was hooked. There were no gimmicks, no hard sell and no scams and it gave me an opportunity to design an instant website.

The rest is history members, I am here for a long time as I have a lot to learn. The income is coming in drips and drabs and I know that it will mushroom into something very big in the near future. Its not about the money and I know you can earn a fortune at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am just grateful that I can wake up in the morning, write my blogs no matter how crooked or silly it looks,it will get better with time and patience. The important thing is I am delivering a service to readers who want specific information and I am filling that gap.

Wealthy Affiliate has also taught me Patience, Problem solving, Confidence, Empathy, Understanding and Diplomacy. It has also stretched me mentally. I am hungry for more.

I will never find such a supportive community anywhere else, I am grateful to the members who offer training.The founders of Wealthy Affiliate have my vote for being the best Internet Marketing Business online. I hope to be here for a very long time.

Please don't despair when things get tough or go wrong, thats how you learn, ask for help, I have actually timed the response I get from a question I have posted - Guess! 20 minutes maximum, one follows and another follows and soon I have 6 to 12 coming up with advice - Kudos to You Guys!

“A man's mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

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SamiWilliams Premium
Your journey is familiar for me and for others.
Thank you for sharing. I think we are all encouraged by small gains and learning how and what to do.
Knowing that others share the views is a positive as well.
JackieSmith Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is a great program.
I can't say that I was involved in any MLM schemes or being scammed as I wasn't looking to ... no, rather I didn't know about MMO.
I now remember a friend of mine trying to promote Monavie to me. Unbeknownst to me back then, she was in an MLM scheme.

Learning that I can make a living online using the tools here is amazing.
Wealthy Affiliate has taught me good too.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Richard!
DEversley Premium
I am glad that you have found this platform satisfying and rewarding. That brings allows for the peace of mind that results in productivity.
Great testimony and inspiration for all who would read this going forward.
Thanks for sharing, Oliver!
CowboyJames Premium
Great post. Your story is an inspiration to others. Thank you. There are so many scams out there. So much mis-information, out of proportion claims, just to get you to commit.
I am glad you made it here.
Now lets help others find their way.

Have a great weekend.
1signbanner Premium
Wow Richard I like that. You found that "something." Congrats. I too was in Herballife and Amway and get rich schemes....and...and.

This is, no get rich fast but it is the place to learn and most of all be in control of my destiny.

Hey my brother I see a legend in the making....YOU!

Keep up them blogs my friend. You give good "food for thought!"

Ohhh and that saying, I got to write it down by Holmes so I remember.


I will put this in my braincells. My skull needs to stretch out a little.



Rich908 Premium
you mean good for a laugh - hhhhaaaaaa
1signbanner Premium
Correct! hee hee