Online Business & What I Learned From the Indy 500 Race. The Speed Returns!

Last Update: May 27, 2019

Hey guys yesterday I was at the Indy 500 Race, pretty Amazing experience. To me it looks like a group of man and woman jump on free fall at 230 miles per hour.

Seeing the massive amount of people that were part of this event was amazing. Almost 300,000.

A thing I noticed I was doing, and I am Interested to know from you, is the fact that I was seeing niche ideas all over the place!!, HA HA. >> :)

Another thing I noticed and was amazed by, is the number of people that came from all over the US to experience the speed and competitiveness exhibited by the drivers.


I was very impressed at the mastery and techniques shown by these racers. For me, this was only possible after rigorous training, hard work and collaboration. You could feel the passion in the air and it made you exited. There is no doubt why there are so many followers.


My friends to reach online success you have to be like one of these drivers. Putting the same dedication and enthusiasm and counting with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, its training and the community that support each other will take us wherever we want to go.

During the race yesterday, we were marveled at the risk, the strategy and precision shown. Of course, sometimes certain maneuvers don’t go as planned like the case of some drivers that suffered accidents over the race.

Finally, the Indy 500 Race was a great experience. I hope that we all continue to remember that in order to reach the top, we must continue training ourselves, taking risks, create strategies and put it all in practice like the drivers I saw.

Have you had similar experiences?

See you next time,


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Hamish58 Premium
Nice post Ria thank you
Labman Premium Plus
It is quite a spectacle.

It's fun to notice all of the niches that surround us in everyday life. Just getting out and about reveals huge opportunities for online income.

Keep up the good work.
RiaBatista Premium
Man, it is the same as when you're pregnant, You start seeing other pregnant women everywhere. The way our brain adapts when we are learning something new is amazing.