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Hey guys yesterday I was at the Indy 500 Race, pretty Amazing experience. To me it looks like a group of man and woman jump on free fall at 230 miles per hour.Seeing the massive amount of people that were part of this event was amazing. Almost 300,000.A thing I noticed I was doing, and I am Interested to know from you, is the fact that I was seeing niche ideas all over the place!!, HA HA. >> :)Another thing I noticed and was amazed by, is the number of people that came from all over the U
Hello my wonderful people of Wealthy Affiliate!I want to share with you that my "super affiliate challenge" website has been indexed this week. Another milestone toward my goal this year.Super excited,It’s like I’m driving a new car that will carry me to new and extraordinary places.At this point, I am still working on building a solid framework and considering the direction and look I want to give to this website, but my goal is clear. I will put all I have to make this dream comes
Today I have accomplished my second certification and I want to share with you my experience here at Wealthy Affiliate.I have been here for almost a year, experiencing a lot of ups and down. I have a full time job, a husband and two little kids so you can imagine how hard has being to spent time building my website. In the middle of my journey I have experimented with different niches but recently I being more focus on just one. Now, I have 20 post on my site and around 1k visitors a month. Alm
March 06, 2018
Hello Guys, I have started WA a week ago and just upgraded to Premium! I want to thank wealthy Affiliate because I now have a concrete goal to succeed. I am planning to learn here as much as I can and be able to help people with my blogs. On the other hand, sound awesome! to get nice income source creating quality websites. What motivated me the most to go Premium was the amount of good learning content that you guys are sharing. I have a decent IT background and down the road when completed