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Hi fellow WA students and super heros,
I've worked hard with various MLMs for the past 5 years - home shopping, nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine. Now decided to work smarter with the great resources of WA. Feels like I'm in the right place at the right time.

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rhinoguy Premium
No internet marketing skills of any kind yet but did ok off-line in mainly sales related spanning more than 40 years.
Thankfully still 28 in the head and looking forward to learning some new skills, generating income and making a good few like minded friends along the way. Thick skinned - keeps charging - yours truly - rhinoguy.
rhinoguy Premium
Hallaaar to you Maxine, it's good to buddy and I see you are romping through the marvellous education.
here's to us making the most of it
Success and gold to you
eve Premium
Hi - welcome to WA. Know what you mean about age being in the mind. I am still 21!
Wish you lots of success.
Kind regards
rhinoguy Premium
Hi Eve, thanks for the welcome and nice to hear you have the desire to learn the IM ropes at your own pace - I for one will not be rushing anywhere.
Here's to being in demand as an accomplished affiliate.
Luck and gold