How to "Sell" To Your Audience

Last Update: May 25, 2019

As I go through my first few days as a member here at WA, I have witnessed GREAT support from the community. Everyone is so helpful and I have been inspired to share my knowledge in salemanship in hopes to help first time marketers. So here is what I know.


The genius behind marketing through blogging is that we take a position of influence and authority. A Warm audience that trusts you and comes to you for advice will innately seek you out for product when they are looking for solutions. But how do we start the sale and how do we ask for the sale with out being pushy?

1. Target your audience through your keyword searches. Just as in the training it explains to go for the low hanging fruit. You also want to be very specific in writing your articles to that particular customer. Think about what problems they might have, what desires they are dreaming of.

2. Speak to the problem - not the physical features of a product. Create an emotional connection in your article by painting a picture of a situation where you might be solving a problem that they have currently or might have in the future.

3. Sell the Benefits- If I run a cat blog and I know all cat owners are frustrated with the smell of their house. I want to speak to steps one can take to be odor free and what products have personally worked for me. Offer insight into the frustration or embarrassment they must feel when their cat messes the carpet and explain to them that this product will ease their mind and let them love on their cat more because its just THAT easy and effective to use.

4. Call to action with ample opportunity- Offer multiple areas in your article to purchase the product. Insert links in text and pictures and call your audience to action! The simpler you make it to click on a link to purchase, the quicker you'll close that sell.

I hope this is an insightful intro to selling techniques for you all! Keep hustlin' and I'll see you on the other side :)

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will keep it in mind
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Let me know if it helps with conversion. I know this is just a general overview but thought it would be a good start for those first timers :)