We can be selective in choosing affiliates

Last Update: May 16, 2020

By way of explanation, I recently saw advertising by a fitness company which featured a new and somewhat interesting product.

This was a start-up company. Per my usual practice, I sent them an email to see if they thought that they could benefit from my affiliation.

They checked my site and probably my articles and I checked more of their advertising.

We then began messenging back and forth, each of us questioning the other.

Then they offered me what they called a "partnership", the opportunity to represent them. I was a bit bothered by poor spelling and punctuation on their part, but this was most likely only a situation of ESL. The company was in New York.

Their "partner" program gave me a heavily discounted option to purchase the product, a discount code to use and, of course, a unique link. The commission percentage was very good. They were very interested in me doing a review of the product.

I replied back to show interest and to ask a few more questions. At this point, they let me know this:

  • Commissions would be paid after the end of the month (of any sales)
  • They would decide every month if I should be terminated or not.

Red flags were abundant:

  • New start-up company
  • Poor English
  • Starting me out with an insult (even Amazon was more courteous than this)
  • A somewhat overpriced product
  • No cookie
  • A pay method that could allow them to avoid paying me at any time

If I never created a sale for them, they would get the benefit of my purchase as a new customer, since I have always preferred to do reviews of products that I have used. They would also get the benefit of plenty of free advertising from me.

It didn't seem interesting any more. I was not applying for a job, with "hat in hand". I was seeking a mutually beneficial and courteous relationship, like the others I have.

Bottom line: we are not supplicants. We are business people with something to offer. We should never sell ourselves short.

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MWilkinson2 Premium
Glad you're not moving forward with them. Pretty rude. . . .
megawinner Premium
ChigsGohel Premium
Excellent information. Thanks for sharing this. 😊
JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience, Richard! I agree with oyur assessment!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Excellent info.
Thank you for sharing