This seems like a numbers game. Duh!

Last Update: February 05, 2020

Yes, numbers matter. I see that my link clicks are going up and are at about 300 per week. But what if I could get them to 2-3,000 per week? It is easy to check my clicks on my 3 sporting goods affiliations and on my WA stats.

Great room for improvement is evidenced on my WA stats, only around 1 click per day. But I need to push this because of the greater commission opportunity.

LinkedIn is good for me and views are easily checked. About 8 months ago, I had only about 35 followers. Now I have 320. But what if I had 3000? My LinkedIn views are going up rapidly and are at about 75 per article. This needs to be 1000 or more.

I am reminded of Outdoor Advertising, or billboards. I don't know what the "sale per view" is, but it must be miniscule. Most drivers don't stop at a restaurant being advertised. They generally just keep driving. But with thousands driving by per hour, there will be some who are hungry. At least enough to make the billboard profitable to the restaurant. NUMBERS!!

It takes time to build up an audience. The good part is that growth will continue with continued application, even with occasional erosion. (My LinkedIn followers are growing daily. This momentum will not stop).

Anyone building their numbers is on the right track, in my opinion. I suggest that we should never panic when sales are not forthcoming if we are diligently building our audience.

This seems to me not unlike any other small business, sales territory or the like. It takes time and credibilty does not happen overnight. If we are getting 5000 clicks per day and no sales, then we can worry. Until then, let's keep building!

My two cents worth.....Richard

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JeffreyBrown Premium
It's all about the numbers, Richard--but a lot of things in live are!
timstime20 Premium
Worth every penny( your 2 cents)’s priceless $$
Great Post
Marsh71 Premium
Thanks Richard! Great thoughts I definitely agree. Energy in will convert to energy out. Have a great day! Mahesh