Last Update: March 28, 2020

We are isolating ourselves from others, socially distancing. We are unable to touch or be close. We are bored.

I find myself unhappy about television choices.

  • No major league baseball (yet)
  • No NBA playoffs
  • No Masters or other golf tournaments
  • No tennis. Will there even be a Wimbledon?

No restaurants except drive throughs or deliveries. Buying groceries even seems worrisome. No cinema.

So....I thought about Anne Frank in Amsterdam. With her family of four and four others.In a hiding place of 450 total square feet. For over two years!

She was not concerned with the possibility of being infected.

Her concern was with the certainty of murder. And it was inevitable.


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LenkaSophie Premium
Great post, Richard. I often think in a similar way, like how grateful I am for everything I have. It completely changes the perspective.
JeffreyBrown Premium
A very valid point, Richard!

Twack Premium
That's a real leveller Richard. Many times our problems, aren't really problems at all. Nice one.
starfalex123 Premium
It is the worst. Let's hope for the best. Be safe
Labman Premium Plus
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