Facebook never ceases to amaze me!

Last Update: January 02, 2020

Today, I published an article on "Best Weight Loss Workouts". It was filled with workout information, specifically cardio work. Attractive images were included, even real before and after images. The point of the post was to motivate others to get in shape and become healthier.I had recently begun to boost my Facebook ads to increase my audience. This was an experiment to assess the effectiveness of Facebook. Here is one of my images .......

My boost was rejected for this reason, as I understand their reasoning - my pictures are not in keeping with Facebook policy, since positive body images may create shame by those whose bodies are not as fit.

Are you kidding me?

Fitness and health are not in keeping with Facebook ideals?

We should encourage obesity and poor health so as to create lower standards and thereby better relate to more people?

There are 2 saving graces with this experience:

  1. I was not all that excited about paying for Facebook ads anyway
  2. My sense of the absurd remains intact

So....let's all dumb down to appease the lesser educated. And why not also stop forging ahead with Wealthy Affiliate since there may be laggards somewhere.

Okay, I have vented. Thanks for your patient tolerance!


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DaveSw Premium
Facebook has some funny rules...CBD is another area where they are particular about based on what people tell me. I do know that I cannot follow the rationale at times either...

Fake news is okay, outright lies and innuendoes are acceptable (and they gladly take millions of dollars from these purveyors of lies) but weight loss? Nope...

I feel your frustration and perhaps trying another platform might be better (i.e. YouTube ads or Google/Bing)? Instagram I am not sure of either as they are owned by Facebook, but maybe Pinterest, Twitter, or even LinkedIn might work?

It sounds like you have done a lot of work to get where you are now, so I would consider one of the other platforms, making any modifications necessary...

Twitter seems to have no standards so likely you would have no issue on that platform?

They allow miscreants to maintain their accounts even when they repeatedly break the rules...I guess it is who you know or what position you may have that makes the difference...

Anyway, best of luck no matter which direction you may choose!

Dave : )
RHattaway Premium
Dave, I am using all the platforms that you cite. All are reasonable except Facebook. I am seeking platforms WITH standards that make sense, not those without...Richard
DouglasPlumb Premium
It is nice to just post to facebook but no need to pay for it. I never thought that would work but never tried it. I am glad you have brought it up as I have no need to waste money if it doesn't work. So many other people have said this already so thank you again.
SamNBobbie Premium
Facebook is a joke. They put ads in the middle of your videos and hardly allow you to reach your audience.
Save your money.
RVsRock Premium
I appreciate your post and I am not at all surprised by the actions of the Facebook police.

I had a Facebook page for one of my websites. Tried their absurd advertising program, gave that up quickly after approaching $100 in costs, and then took down the page altogether.

Facebook is a distraction..........period. Unless everyone is retired or unemployed, there simply aren't enough hours in a day to construct effective websites, complete all the training courses here at WA, write engaging content, stay up with the additional training that comes along at WA, watch the weekly video sessions from MagiStudios, etc.

In addition, most of us have families we need to interact with, most of us live in houses or apartments that need our attention.

If one can spend hours daily or weekly on Facebook, then something else that needs attention is being neglected.
dkohara Premium
The thing that REALLY annoys me about Facebook is they allow hate messages, bullying, vulgarity and political advertising, but try and boost a post with an affiliate link in it, or a page on an affiliate powered website and they treat you like a criminal.

It’s pathetic, it really is.

RVsRock Premium
It is all about the money. If those at Facebook even have a hunch that one is promoting for monetary gains, then they want a piece of that action..........under their guidelines , of course

And those guidelines do not allow a member to post any urls to any websites.

That is why Zuckerberg made 14 billion in 2019 and we have to scratch sometimes for a commission of $14.00