Hello world! First Badge.

Last Update: November 03, 2017

With my first accomplishment badge received here, I just want to make the promise I made in the first lesson public: I will give Wealthy Affiliate a chance. I am at a low point in life and I want to change that!

I was up on the Internet till almost 4 AM looking for quality illustrations that are accessible to a small budget. It began at 10 PM, after Grandma went to bed. Ideas merged into fleeting thoughts, minutes became hours, and it felt like what I can only describe as a motivational hangover. I was thirsty with a headache, and my eyes wanted rest, but my mind kept pushing me. Have you had a similar experience? I guess I was drunk on some 1st of the month inspiration and the effects were wearing off. I needed more and didn't want to give up.

My goal is to make Wealthy Affiliate my sobriety: I want steady sustainable progress. Not a challenge, but rather a lifestyle change.

Life is beautiful even if there are ugly yet wisdom making experiences that have brought me to where I'm at today. I want to be the change I want to see. I want restful nights and meaningful days. I have a beautiful child who wants me in her life and I want to enjoy every moment that I can with her. I want all the downs and ups to equal an abundant life for me, for her, for us. I look forward to gaining more badges soon. That is all.

May we all lead a path of abundance - ❤

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jbatters Premium
One of my Favorite sayings. BE the change you Want. Fake it till ya make it.
cstarz Premium
I can relate as I have been creatively thinking all day and night with how I am going to direct my website. Following my passion of music, I already research and talk about it all day with my band mates. Does not feel like work to me even though I am putting hours in. It's just exciting! Can't wait to learn and develop more and really focus on this as a full-time career! Best of luck to you!
JoshEllery Premium
Similar to when you get your first sale, there is plenty more where that came from. Take your time and enjoy your doing rather than your getting. I wish you success my friend :-)