Why Apps become more important than your Website!

Last Update: October 19, 2018


Are we spending more time online than with any other media, or
Are we spending much of that digital time in mobile device and
Most of that mobile time is spent in apps?

Now recently found by Roy Morgan, said that Australians spending more time online than working. In mid-2018 there are now 20.2 million Australians aged 14+, who each had 8,760 hours to spend over the last 12 months equalling a total of 177 billion hours in the year to March 2018.

In a normal week 95% of Australians go online average 1,144 hours online over the full year. The 92% of Australians watching TV in a given week average 1,004 hours each of TV viewing over the full year while the 85% of us that listen to radio during the week listen to an average of 851 hours per year of radio.

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They are addicted Sham.

All the best,
Maxine :)
firstlearn Premium
The only significant increase is the amount of time spent on the internet. Something worth knowing.

remapot3 Premium
VictorF22 Premium
This is a quite alarming data. Thanks for sharing.
I'm sure some people spend more time online than sleeping!

Imagine what they could do if they used that time in something productive.. like their own business!
remapot3 Premium
Yea isn't. The truth. Thanks.