True fact about "Successful" Online Business.!

Last Update: April 19, 2019

There are lot of argumaents and questions about runing a successful online business. I truly bilieve in heardwork and time mangement is the key issue for successfull buseness owners. Living with media world really a big challange to grow establish business. Used to be 80% physical then 20% mental effort for seting up a successfull business. Now days it is just opposite.

Key points that you need to know for a "Successful" online business.

  1. Plans and Prioroties
  2. Finding Reasourse and Research
  3. Excellent Tools
  4. Get Training
  5. Strong Commitment
  6. Making right dicetion
  7. Being Passive
  8. Social Medea Friendly
  9. Take Risk
  10. Passence
  11. Time management
  12. Be passionet
  13. Dealing with up and down situation
  14. Learn Marketing strtagies
  15. Communication and discurssion
  16. Contain Management Regulary
  17. Focusing Customer Needs
  18. Be practical
  19. Slow achiever better then one day magic
  20. Believe on You

I believe, everyone of WA family may love this post to be a succesfull business owner one day. Thank you for your time and energy. Stay cool and safe.


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Thank you sharing Sham.
Here's to success.

Maxine :)
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing Sham and much success to you in your MMO endeavors.

remapot3 Premium
Huge thank you Mark for nice comment.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Sham, a good check list, I have to agree, there are more pressures on the mental side of things in the online world.
remapot3 Premium